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Did you know that you can Scuba Dive or Snorkel in the middle of Utah's Desert at a place called Bonneville Seabase?! NEITHER DID WE? As we drove around the Great Salt Lake, visited the Sun Tunnels, ate at a buffet in Wendover and drove through the Bonneville Salt Flats, I realized we didn't have anywhere to stay for the night. While searching for RV spots to camp I found this listing and I was like "I don't care how much it is, we are staying the night at Bonneville Seabase!"

Luckily, it wasn't expensive. It was like $5 to camp and $20 for RV Hook-Ups. Sadly, the hook-up RV pads were taken but Linda was generous enough to let us park in the parking lot for the night. We got in when it was completely dark, so we couldn't see much. It was getting cold and late so we set up camp right there. 

Right one cue, the kids woke up at 7 AM and it was prettttttyyy cold out there. The kids were going crazy, so I bundled them up and headed out to see where we actually slept for the night. 

Honestly, it was pretty awesome. I love roadside oddities and I felt like this was the PERFECT PLACE. 

I had read that you could get scuba certified (another day I'm coming back for sure) and that you could snorkel with tropical fish! The springs are "warm" springs versus hot, so most people rent wetsuits during the winter. While we didn't go snorkeling we did spend plenty of time watching all the fish. 

I still can't get over that you can get scuba certified here. We were literally in the middle of the desert and there was only a tiny town nearby. 

There are two springs. One is SUPER big and I think I read it can get up to 25' deep. 

This one is SUPER deep at 62 feet, so they keep it covered for safety.

While out exploring we found a geocache in the little playhouse. I mean, it's a big geocache! 

Linda also gave us a tour of the property and let the kids feed her goats. The kids loved it. 

Even tiny Vesper got brave enough to feed them. 

By this time, Stephanie and her crew woke up. 

We headed to the covered area to watch Chris feed the fish. 

There's a whole bunch of little fish and then a bunch of big tropical fish.

I'm definitely adding this to my Utah bucket list. While I'm not scuba certified, I would like to come back and snorkel with the kids! 

The kids could hardly wait to show off the geocache! 

We dropped off some SP goods! So be sure to tag us if you visit! 

We finally rolled out around 10 AM. Thanks to Linda for letting us stay the night!

Any guesses where we are headed next? It's kind of a creepy place...

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