Bloods Lake Trail | Big Cottonwood Canyon

Last week while the kids were at Summer Camp with Utah Children's Theatre, I snuck away to go hiking (By myself, no children! Pretty sure this has never happened.) with Lisa from Off The Couch! Since we were in Lisa's territory I let her pick the hike, Bloods Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon! I'm pretty sure that's I've never hiked ANYTHING in this canyon before, which, is just ridiculous. I've seen and heard all about this canyon for years but it's always eluded me until now. 

We got lucky and found a parking spot (right by a snow bank.)

The trail looked to be a hot one but we ended up finding a whole bunch of snow. 

How do I always end up hiking in my chacos in SNOW?! I just don't understand it. Never fear, we made it without any serious slipping. 

After a few quick minutes, we were there! Bloods Lake! Bloods Lake was surrounded by snow on most of the banks (We hiked this in June.) 

Lisa told me that there are rope swings (if there wasn't snow I would have done it) on the opposite side, so I'll for sure have to come back and do this again soon! 

Even though I didn't have my kids with me, I did think about how much they would have liked this hike. It does get steep coming down to the lake, but my kids probably would have run down the hill. There were plenty of families hiking that day, so I know it can be done. 

If you need a short, sweet hike, head for the hills and hike Bloods Lake!

Helpful Tips
  • Hiked this end of June 2019
  • Easy 1 Mile Hike
  • Only steep spot was descending to the actual lake, but we saw plenty of small kids hiking it.
  • Porta Potty located at trailhead, although it was dirty. 
  • Dog friendly, but please pick up after your dog, there was TONS of poop. 
  • I've heard there are lots of mosquitos but I didn't see a single one. There were a lot of flies. 
  • Hear there were two rope swings...if there wasn't actually ALL that snow I might have considered it! 
  • Apparently you can camp here too. Adding to bucket list.
  • I hiked this in my chacos!
  • Pretty much full sun, so bring yo' sunscreen.
  • Some shade/logs to sit on at the lake.

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