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Reads bonus baby #5 was our highlight of 2017!

I have had 5 births, with 5 different Doctors in 4 hospitals and 2 states. I've had 1 unmedicated birth and 4 inductions with empidurlas. After or horifying experience with my last birth (I'll spare you the details), I finally found an incredible midwife Cathy Mark. I love her more than any other Dr I've had, I'm just sad I didn't find her sooner.

There is nothing quite like being surrounded by strong women and a supportive husband as you go through labor and birth. As a birth photographer (yes, my side job) I am in love with the entire experience, the emotions, the love, the strength of a mother. It's my most favorite thing to photograph. And I was beyond grateful to have the oppertunity to experience labor and deliver one last time surrounded by family.

My daughter Breckyn is 10 so she had the priveldge of being in the room while I delievered (don't worry, she was up by my head so she won't be scarred). It was such a beautiful experience to have 3 generations of women there to support me. My last baby (Berdee) was delivered without medication. It was definitly the most painful experience of my life but I was willing to do it again this time around. I decided I would see how things went and then decided. After several hours of induced labor I decided to go with the epidural although needles scare the crap out of me. Turns out it was a crappy epidural and I could feel the whole thing anyways lol. At least I knew what I was in for. Just before I pushed I was numb enough (where it counts) so it paid off in the end, but the labor was anther story, I felt it ALL!

We don't find out the gender of our babies so the moment this sweet babe came into the world was so full of surprise and overwhelming emotion. We are thrilled to have another boy! Gotta keep the pattern B, G, B, G, B.


This was m first time delivering at IHC McKay Dee. The nurses were all so kind and helpful and the food was awesome (all you can eat room service for the win). What more can you ask for!

They bathe the babies "in room" with mom, so this was my first time watching my babies first bath which was pretty cool. The down side is that the wheel that giant heater/bed into your room so things are pretty cramped while it happens. 

Another thing I loved about IHC was how the nurses introduced the next nurse and said good bye so I always knew who would be taking care of me and the baby. So helpful when you are sleep deprived and totally out of it.

Our overall experience this time around was pretty good. We had a healthy baby, and I had a no stitches or tearing. 

Looking back at the photos makes me want to do it all again. Yes, I know, i know, we are done (see that story here), but it really was an amazing experience and Im grateful I have beautiful photos and video to remember it all by.

Introducting Maxwell Anders aka Wells!

Just wanted to give a huge shout out to IHC for their beautiful hospital and incredibley kind and helpful staff and to the talented Tim and Stacie for documenting our day so beautifully.

Photos: Tim Sondrup Photography

Video: Stacie Larsen Photo and Film



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