Birdsong Trail

The other morning my friend asked if I wanted to hike/bike the Birdsong Trail in Ogden. I hadn't been on the trail for a number of years and was really thrown off when my friend said it's "mostly shaded." The Birdsong Trail I went on years ago didn't have much shade, so I was really curious. Little did I know there was another section right off Taylor street and it really was "mostly shaded!"

It did start out in full sun for a hot minute at the top of the trailhead. Birdsong Trail is 1 mile one way. Birdsong is a one-way hike, or hike back the way you came.

Our kids 5 and 6, rode their bikes, while the 2-year-olds walked the trail. 

This is a bike trail as well as a hiking trail. We probably passed 8 bikers coming back up the trail, so watch out for big bikers!

The first part of the trail is downhill, so the kid LOVED that part. I loved running through the fields with the kids. 

You'll enter a forest grove shortly and it's AMAZING! 

It was like a completely different world! I haven't hiked many places here that had tree groves like this. Usually, it's the oak brush, but these were huge and so pretty. 

I kind of wished I had my bike so I could go down the trail, the kids thought it was SUPER cool winding all around. There are some blind spots, so I'd just make sure your kids know not to go too far ahead or to pull over if there are other people on the trail. 

I'm not sure how long we hiked for, I'd guess about halfway. We hiked down until we found a bench, pond, and a little stream. Since we came downhill, we knew it might be a little rough with all the little kids going back UP the trail. We probably should have parked one car at the top and then another down at the bottom, but we'll try this version soon!

We had a break and the kids explored all over all the trails that wound around the bench area. The kids did find a homeless area that was full of junk, so I'd recommend just walking around with them, just because you never know what you'll find there. 

We had a snack and then headed back up the trail. 

I was actually surprised how well the kids did on the way back up the trail. We ended up carrying the two-year-olds out (they probably hiked 75% of the way back) but the other kids biked/hiked it out on their own! 

I'm pretty sure I didn't do Birdsong years ago, it may have started at the trailhead at Rainbow Gardens, but I'm fairly sure it isn't the same trail. So glad we finally hiked the real Birdsong Trail in Ogden! 

Helpful Tips
  • 1 mile one way. You could leave a car at point A and then point B, or just hike and then turn around the way you came. Here's the best map I found. 
  • It's a busy trail, with hikers and bikers. There are some blind spots, just be sure to watch out with the little kids. 
  • I'd guess we hiked .5 miles to the little stream and pond. I'm not sure how long it runs for. 
  • Bring water and snacks. 
  • The kids found a homeless camp, I'd just be wary about kids picking up stuff they shouldn't. 
  • There were mosquitos at the pond. 
  • No bathrooms at the trailhead we started with on the address below. 
  • Pack it in, pack it out. 
  • There are two places to start this trail. One is at Rainbow Gardens down below or the top of 20th and Fillmore Street. If you park on Fillmore Street, you will be parking in a neighborhood, so be considerate of the residents nearby!



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