The Bird | 12 Utah Staycations

If you are headed to Antelope Island, The Bird is the perfect stop to grab lunch. It's a Syracuse favorite in Davis County. We were excited to get to the island so we ordered a couple of family meals to go. They come with chicken strips or bites and sides so we ordered a little of everything so everyone could share.

And a lemon bar to go. So good!

You can fill all the sauces you want.

And lest we forget, our poor husbands need some caffeine to keep up with us on these staycations.

Our picnic was super windy! We had a few things get caught in the wind and flip over. We also forgot forks. Luckily, we believe in the 3-second rule and we are so pro at this point, who needs a fork. The food was great and we were starving, definitely the fastest lunch we have ever consumed. On the plus side, it was so windy that there wasn't a single bug on the island for the first time ever.

Thank you for hosting us The Bird! Delicious as always.

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