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One of our favorite activities at Conestoga Ranch is the BIKES! We're super excited to team up with Conestoga Ranch and share all about our experience. Conestoga Ranch has bikes for almost everyone! There are tandem bikes, bikes with training wheels, kid bikes, cruisers all sorts of bikes. (Don't forget your helmet and to sign the waiver!) Seems like bike rides have been our new thang in each Staycation! I'll admit, they've quickly become one of my favorite activities. I've mentioned it before, but there is something totally magical about biking through a town. There's a WHOLE different feel to the city after you bike through it. 

While Conestoga has 30+ different bikes, I knew they wouldn't have any for my tiny kids and babies. BUT, the training wheels totally got my kids excited to start pedaling on their own! Maybe we'll be moving from balance bikes soon! 

So I brought my Yuba bike (it can hold my toddler on this +2 smaller kids) my daughter's Woom bike and my son's Strider bike. Everyone, including us the adults love biking through Conestoga and this time we decided to bike down to the beaches of Bear Lake. I'll admit it took some convincing, Stephanie was worried it would be too long for the little kids, but they were champs. It's 1.4 miles from Conestoga Ranch to Garden City Park. The littlest one, Orion (5) rode his Strider Bike all the way downtown to the beach, but hitched a ride back on my Yuba. 

Everyone got on their bikes and helmets (well, some of us) and took a leisurely cruise down to two different beaches! (We'll write about the second one in a minute.)

The first beach we call Free Beach (it's really called Garden City Park) I'll admit, it's seen some better days. The water was super high (yay!) but then it had a lot of debri and marsh area. Plus they had just tilled the beach so it was rocky. Nonetheless, OUR kids loved it! The water isn't warm enough to really swim, but they waded quite a bit out there. 

Don't forget, we partnered up with Conestoga Ranch and Visit Bear Lake to giveaway a whole Staycation! Head here to enter! 

What's your favorite Public Beach in Bear Lake? We'd love to know! Also! Tag us in your photos! We want to see your Bear Lake Adventures! #TheSaltProject

The Salt Project
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Helpful Tips
  • Be sure to follow proper Bike Road Rules.
  • Bike rentals are included with your stay at Conestoga Ranch. Be sure to sign the waiver and WEAR a HELMET!
  • There's a bike path through most of Garden City. 
  • There aren't any baby carriers on the bikes, so we put our babies in their favorite carriers on our backs. Or, I brought a my Yuba Cargo bike that could carry a toddler. 
  • It's 1.4 Miles from Conestoga Ranch to Garden City Park & Beach.


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