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Floating the Sevier River...who knew it could be SUCH a dream! Big Rock Adventures in Marysvale have a "Lazy River Float" that's for ANYONE and ANY Age! Our kids LOVED IT! The river is slow and easy in some portions and then provides just enough excitment for even the adults. 

You show up and sign the waivers, grab a life jacket and then Big Rock Adventures drops you off with tubes and rafts. They told us we had 1.5 hours to float and they would meet us at the end. 

Most of the time, Stephanie's kids floated in the actual river and not in the raft/tubes at all. 

We started the float around 4:15. It was pretty hot, but then the sun went behind the mountains.

My kids chose not to get in the river. We did have a huge day of fun in the sun, so they were content to play in the raft. 

The river was fairly smooth. Your only goal was to not get stuck in the branches by the river. We had oars and it wasn't that difficult. 

So, we tried to keep Farah's life jacket on her, but she literally screamed for the first 20 minutes. Eventually, we took it off since it was going to be a long 1.5 hour float with a screaming baby. 

We went right past the area we jumped off the bridge behind Hoover's too! Actually, now that I think about it, it would have been fun to get out and grab an ice cream then start floating down the river again. I've read that some people take picnics and stop along the way. 

Once you hit this diving board and see the signs, you push yourself to the shore and climb out. We actually got there really early, so we pulled up the raft and put all the lifejackets inside the raft. 

I'm not regretting not jumping off the diving board into the river...maybe next time! 

We're giving away this entire Staycation, thanks to Utah's Trail Country! So be sure to go and enter! 

The Salt Project
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Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm
May 24th - September 2nd, 2019
Closed Sundays
Last Tours Leave at 5pm
Weekend Rentals Available Upon Request
Entrance Fee(s)
Click website link below
Helpful Tips
  • Any Age!
  • Life Jackets and Tubes included. 
  • Go to the bathroom before. 
  • You could pack a picnic to take with you. Or stop at Hoover's for some ice cream along the way! 

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