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The week we were were visiting St. George, 2 of our friends from up north also happened to be in town and we all went to Benjas the same night! I can't believe we missed each other! What are the chances?

Do I start with the curry or the sushi? Both were perfection!
I was alone with 4 kids(9m-9yrs) in tow and this place was pretty fancy, but I really wanted sushi so I was willing to take a chance with all the little people.

Turns out the baby loves edamame and rice and the kids are obsessed with orange chicken so we were in business!

I really can't stop thinking about the curry! 

And the service! Our waiter was so sweet. He was totally on top of the drinks, I think we had about 20 kid cups at the table when we left. 

The Jail house (built around 1880) is on the historic site tour down town. It is constructed of black lava rock from the surrounding areas. The bars in the window are original to the structure.  It is now surrounded by buildings and resturaunts and adds so much charm to the area.

After a bit the baby was tired and ready to go, so I let the kids go outside and play at the old jail house. I watched through the window and ordered some mango sticky rice to go because, have you had mango sticky rice? 

We played around the jail house and the river for a bit before heading out.

Such a charming little place. Can't wait to go back.

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Sun 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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