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My story:

I moved to Utah my junior of high school, made fun of girls that were getting married young, met this guy when I was 19:

Became one of "those girls" :)

Swore off kids, determined to become a millionaire businesswoman. Finished my master's degree, then had these guys right away:

Quit my job, and learned what life was really about and am so happy living the life I never wanted, but now wouldn't trade for anything!

(Although a small part of me still feels the need to tell everyone I meet how I certainly could have been a millionaire... I just choose not to be... right, I'll at least keep telling myself that!)

These guys really are my whole world and The Salt Project is our story about how we find adventure all around us, enjoying life together, as a family.

In no particular order I love:

-The Salt Project, duh.

-to read, a lot.

-desserts... way too much!

-running (let's be honest, more like jogging, now that I've started getting old), it's when I have my "me" time and can think.

-my garden.

-roasted vegetables.

-control... I try really hard not to be, but most often I'm a total OCD control freak--my poor kids, and husband.

-my husband.

-the idea of fresh eggs (we have pet chickens... I think I may be more enchanted with the idea of a farm life, than the actual chickens themselves-don't tell my husband though, I am trying to sell him on the idea of bees too!).


-old stuff. (My house is almost 100 years old!)

-family time.




-procrastinating... at least I do it all the time, so I must love it, right? Why else would I always do that to myself, unless I secretly love it?

-cheese, anything dairy really. My boys are allergic to milk, my husband says I consumed too much while pregnant... hmmm there may be some truth to that!

-toddlers, they really are my favorite kind of people.

-yoga pants and hooded sweatshirts... all clothes should be that comfortable!

-God, scripture and prayer.

-cooking, but really hate cleaning up afterwards!

-organized spaces... but none of mine are, I'm learning to not be a pack rat.

-holidays, I usually go overboard!

-spending my days being a mom, teacher, and friend to my favorite little people!




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