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Are we crazy? Perhaps.

Did we sign up for this willingly? Why, yes, we did.

Was it cold? You. Betcha.

Frozen, even while all bundled up.

For a few brief moments I thought, I don't have to do this, I can just leave.

But nope. Locke and I jumped into Bear Lake as the snow was slowly falling around. It was so cold, I can't say it was refreshing. Right after you jump in, you trudge as fast as you possibly can through the water to the shore and run into the heated trailer. Since I was a first timer, here's some tips I learned.

1. There is paramedics nearby, lest you freeze instantly and can't move. (I did see kids under 10 jumping into the water. Instead of walking out, they were hauled out by volunteers on the dock.)

2. Get your swimsuit on before arriving. It's kind of hard to change into a swimsuit in the car. Just saying.

3. Arrive a wee bit early, so you don't have to change in the car.

4. There are hot showers at the marina. Bring flip flops to wear in the showers. There are hooks to hang things while you shower, but it's all one big room. So my clothing felt a little damp right after the shower.

5. Put the clothing you want to wear immediately after jumping in the Bear Lake in the heated trailer. (I mean, someone could steal your stuff, but this is a chance you might want to take.) I was so consumed with getting into the heat I didn't bother to gather my sweatshirt and boots that I placed on the dock.

6. Jump with friends. Since it was just Locke and I, it was a little awkward. So, Locke and I joined another couple so we wouldn't seem quite such a little group. There were groups of 10+ and they were all dressed up and pumped. I think it would have been slightly more fun to do it with lots of friends and family.

7. Plan on it being really cold. My toes literally could NOT feel anything for a good 20 minutes after.

8. Bring an extra towel. You'd be surprised how much water you soak up from Bear Lake.

9. If you have littles, they might not care about you jumping in and have a hard time standing there while you wait in line to jump. We probably waited 20 minutes before jumping into Bear Lake. My husband sadly did not get to see us jump because my kids were throwing fits about standing so long in the cold. Good thing we got it on camera.

10. Have FUN! It was fun. It was hilarious seeing all the costumes and people all pumped to go jump into the freezing water.

Thanks for having The Salt Project #BearLake! Be sure to check out the website for more info and learn how you can jump into Bear Lake next year!


Hoff Tue, 02/06/2018 - 12:58

Congratulations Harmony! This really looks and sounds like fun.
thanks for sharing. I MAY join you next year!

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