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I can't believe I forgot about this post!  We went on a tour of the First National Bank in Layton months ago.  Sigh, just when you think you're organized. . .

My friend, Angie mentioned that some banks do tours, so tour it we did. 

Crazy fact, but Layton City had their own Bills once a upon a time.

This is the original vault that was installed in 1905.  The door has been updated, but that room is solid.  The kids could barely pull the door.

We also got to learn about the drive-up system.  Apparently, people try to cheat the banks, still.  They have lots of people that try to use counterfeit money.  If they bank tellers see it, they confiscate it and the person is usually just out of luck.  For some reason $5 bills are the most often counterfeited. 

The kids got to play teller. 

Lady Soul's husband's family actually helped settle the Layton city area. 

Apparently, a lot of banks do this.  We've heard some give each kid a check book and teach them how to use it, some give out piggy banks, so go check out yours today!  Maybe they will let you in the vault!

8:30 am - 5:00 pm

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