Balloons & Tunes Round-Up | 12 Utah Staycations

We spent this past weekend hanging out in Kanab for our second Utah Staycation! First things first! We woke up bright and early to head out for Kanab's Balloons & Tunes Festival!

Word had it there was going to be over 30 balloons floating in the air. Years ago, my husband and I were lucky to meet a balloon pilot while I worked as a waitress. Paul was super sweet and invited my husband and me to come fly with him! So of course we did!

We learned how to put up and take down a hot air balloon, seriously one of the coolest moments. 

We learned some cool facts about hot air balloons. Like, they have to be able to fly in good clear skies for visibility, and while it’s not always windy on the ground, sometimes, it’s TOO windy hire up in the skies.

When we showed up to the Balloons in Kanab and only saw 3 balloons up, we knew they wouldn’t be flying that day. Sometimes, the pilots will fill their balloons and anchor them to the ground so people can at least look at them. We were super glad they did too. My kids were super excited to see Smokey The Bear…even if I did have to explain who he was. They immediately became obsessed with Smokey. We were able to run around and then watch them deflate the hot air balloons.

While I took the older three kids to the balloons, my husband headed over to the BLM to see if we could put in for the lottery for The Wave (someday, we will win it!) and the lower area to do some hiking. We couldn't be there for the actual lottery (which means we couldn't go) so we headed off to our next adventure, a guided tour to Peekaboo Slot Canyon! Coming up next! 

There was the street fair all sorts of food trucks and vendors. 

Of course our kids spotted the jumping blow-ups. We purchased a few tickets and let them play.

The fair was located right next to an elementary school, so we let them play on the playground for a while too. 

On Saturday night there was The Candlestick event. Because of the weather, there wasn't a balloon glow, but there was a whole bunch of FIRE! I bet there were 15 balloons just firing off! It was super loud and super warm with all the flames! (Photo below by Arika from Zion Adventure Photog)

Even though we didn't get to see any balloons fly this festival, there was plenty to see and do! Be sure to check out more of our Kanab trip! 

FEBRUARY 15, 16, & 17
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