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I feel like Historic 25th Street in Ogden is it's own little hidden gem.  I spent practically every Sunday and summer day at my grandma's in Ogden.  She had almost an acre of land with lots of yard work for us to do, so we never left her yard much.  Matlock came on at one so Gram's would let us stop working and she'd pick up some McDonald's for lunch.  We had a few hours to go inside and play Nintendo. Even when I was a kid, Ogden still kind of had a bad reputation, but like I said in our Mural Post, that's all changing!  Yes, Downtown Ogden used to have 90 bars in a block radius, but not anymore!  Downtown Ogden is up and coming people!  Historic 25th Street has so many unique businesses and delectable foods.  In the summer the whole street is bustling with car shows, Farmer's Markets and Cowboy shows!  Be sure to watch for our calendar coming soon.

One up and coming place is The Bake Shop.  It's inside Grounds for Coffee and it's so picturesque.
From their chalk walls to the magnetic countertop, it's super eclectic.

We just had to try the Sugar Cookie Doughnuts.

We all loved them, of course!
I usually don't let little Aiko have much sugar, so I'm pretty sure her little body was going crazy, but I couldn't deny her a cute little mini doughnut.

It was super fun to have a girls day.  It doesn't happen often.

The girls got to have their own little party in the window.  Both windows actually have tables and it felt very New Yorkish to us.

Sweet little Aberdeen was just content to sit on the floor (got to keep it real mamas, floor sitting happens.)

So if you love sweet treats or warm drinks, be sure to stop at The Bake Shop within Grounds for Coffee.  Both are locally owned and lovingly supported by their Ogden customers.

Historic 25th Street is just one of the many amazing places to check off your list for Ogden. One of my favorite websites is Indie Ogden is all about Ogden and honestly, it's because of her website that I fell in love with O-town.  Every city in Utah has a deep you know it?  Want to share it?  We'd love to hear it.

SMTWT 6:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday, Saturday 6:00 am – 10:00 pm
Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips

The Bake Shop is within Grounds for Coffee!

(801) 668-7388

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