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Sometimes we start hiking and we don't really know where we are going.

Well, we KNOW where we wanted to go, but one can't always be sure where to begin.

So we just keep on hiking, because maybe, just maybe, we will eventually make it to our destination. 

Luckily, a stranger runs by and you decide to inquire for information. The stranger informs you that you are actually on a hike called Francis Peak, which, happens to be a 9 hour hike (from the trailhead we started at.) He gazes at the 10 kids and tells you there is a good place to stop ahead. 

A bridge and Baer Creek to play in!

So, this is where our hike ended. Happily.


Changed some diapers, peed on some rocks (potty training was included on this hike) and loved listening to the water. 

Took a group photo and then began the hike downward.

A few details about the hike. Always stay left.

Beginning of trailhead.

Aiko (2.5 years) has begun potty training. I know some people hash it all out in like three days and never leaving home. But I've found that if I just bring her little potty with us everywhere it works out great for everyone. But, if you are hiking, I have her sit on a flat rock and go poty. She doesn't quite know how unfair life is that she can't pee like boys while adventurin'.

Hiking to the bridge was the perfect amount. I've read that it's about 1 hour round-trip. That doesn't include the kids playing and taking a break. It was a good incline almost all the way up. We started the trail at like 8 in the morning so it wasn't too hot, yet. We hung out at the bridge for a godo 30 minutes and let the kids play in the water. If you continue on the hike there are lots of camping places and 10 hours later you could make it to Francis Peak. Good luck with that. 

Questions? Concerns?

After the hike, we decided to hit up Barnes Park on the other side of town. We'll be posting about that park later today. If you are looking for similar posts, be sure to click on the tags right below!

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Helpful Tips

There are many different ways to get to the trailhead. Just type in the address below into Google Maps and it will lead you right where we started! 

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