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This trip was EPIC. I’ve been one a few ATV/RZR rides before, but riding in sand dunes is SOMETHING ELSE entirely. We were able to go on the 3 Hour Spring/Fall Sunset Adventure, which takes you through Sand Hollow State Park and the Mojave Desert. Sand Hollow State Park is a beauty in itself and you should definitely add swimming to your bucket list.

Bill, our guide, had everything all set up for us. We literally showed up and he outfitted us in all the necessary things.

We did bring our own car seats for the kids, just to be extra safe. Since it would probably be almost dark by the time we left, we wore warm clothes and jackets. You are also required to wear long pants and closed toe shoes. 

I'm so glad we teamed up with Arika from Zion Adventure Photog to capture some of the crazy moments for us! Arika literally follows you around on your adventures and takes the most amazing photos while you play! This is just a TASTE of the amazing photos she takes. Check out more of her photos here and here. She's seriously so good at capturing adventure moments!

The ride starts out slower so you can get used to riding in the sand. 

Bill stopped along the trails a few times to tell us about the flora and fauna in the Mojave Desert. He showed us an old owl nest with plenty of owl pellets and told us all about the crazy looking cactus in the area.

You could tell Bill knew his stuff. My four year old was able to tell me about the sage smudging, so he really listening.

We were going along on the trail when all of a sudden Bill sped up and literally fell off the dunes. My husband was next in line on the ATV and I saw him gear up for a crazy JUMP.

Our time had come, we were ready for some speed. I stopped to give Derek and Bill some space then gunned my UTV to the floor. 

We FLEW over the dune and I’m fairly certain that we got air. My kids were giggling in the back and were like “Mom, that twisted my stomach.” It was. pure. crazy. fun.

You know those pictures of people driving on the edge of a dune?

Well that was Bill…and then it was my husband (I didn’t know he had these kinds of skills.) 

Then it was ME! While I didn’t get as close to the edge as I thought I was going to get, it was a crazy adrenaline rush!! Bill let us go around quite a few times. Then, I felt like he really let us loose. 

While we were still following in a line with him, he took us to the West Rim and to The Top of the World. 

Who knew there was a crazy canyon/rim that was constantly changing because to the wind shifting the sand around.

I could NOT believe I was watching people go down the side of the mountains and then coming right back up the mountains.​​

Jaw dropping. Just crazy stuff. 

Bill took us on the craziest ride I’d ever been on and probably ever will. I never once felt unsafe, only pure excitement the whole freaking time! I was literally hoarse from screaming so much. On our way back it was golden hour and driving through the dunes was gorgeous. 

Thanks to ATV & Jeep Adventures for hosting The Salt Project! If you need a photographer, be sure to give Arika a call! 

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Helpful Tips

Bathrooms were at the Parking Lot

ATV & Jeep Provides:

  • ATV/UTV (depending on your selection)
  • Helmet
  • Eye Protection
  • Riding gloves
  • Neck buff (each paying customer receives a free Neck Buff to keep)
  • Snacks
  • Ice cold water bottles
  • Detailed training and instructions from our amazing guides

What to Bring

  • Carseats for the kids.
  • All guest must wear long pants and closed toe shoes
  • You’ll definitely want a camera
  • We provide water but if you have other non-alcoholic beverages you’d like to bring we typically have cooler space for them.
  • A jacket (unless it’s the middle of summer)
  • Driver’s License and Credit card
(435) 656-2887

ATV & Jeep Adv… Wed, 02/20/2019 - 20:24

We absoutely loved having you all come out and play with us! Arika's photos are amazing. We are lucky to be in a business where we can truly say we get to help people make lifetime memories.

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