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Can you believe I own the Salt Project and have never explored Arches! True story. We drove through on our way from Texas to Utah probably 9 years ago, and thats it. We had our dog so we couldn't hike, so we just held our dog and walked out to the Delicate Arch look out (5 minute walk). So boring. I know.

Heres the thing. I didn't start this blog because I have been everywhere and was an expert. Quite the opposite actually. I grew up in a home where going to McDonalds was a big deal and I can count on one hand the "trip" we went on.

I consider myself a normal and very "average" mom. I like to go have fun with my kids. I LOVE exploring new places. And I'm always down for trying new things. I'm definitely not an expert and haven't been everywhere. Not even close, but every year we check off a few new places on our bucketlist, and keep our life full of love and adventure by visiting our most favorite places.

And I LOVE sharing our adventure HERE for YOU! I have folders full of emails and messages of thanks for sharing fun ideas and helping families make memories and connect with one another.


Ok, now I can't wait to officially share Arches on the blog! This place is so incredibly beautiful. You can go for a couple hours or spend days here.









First up, we visited the Windows. This is an awesome place to get out and climb on rocks and let the kids explore freely. 


Does this arch look familiar? Indiana Jones was filmed right here!





Delicate Arch Hike

The hike starts out with a large parking lot, bathrooms, a shaded rest area, and this awesome old homestead.

Just over the bridge there are a couple of switch backs, then you climb up the side of a mountain, no real trail, you just keep walking toward the top. Once you get to the top, you hike around a corner and THERE it is! Such a beautiful place.


This is a fairly easy hike, but this part right before the arch is a shear drop off. 

Our family photos were taken on my friends phone so.... just me here today. Sorry about that y'all.

On the way back down, you can climb up to this window for another view.

Bucket List!

Our camp kitty Ginger stayed back at the car for this hike with Riz and Locke. She's a camper, not a hiker.

Entrance Fee(s)
FREE with $30 park entrance fee
Helpful Tips

Bathrooms at Trail head

3.2 miles RT

629 ft Elevation Gain

Heavily trafficked trail

No pets on trail

Very windy on ledge leading up to arch and at arch

Easy enough for a 5 year old



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