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After hearing that Camille went out to Antelope Island in the Winter, I knew what my family would be doing for Martin Luther King Day. Luckily, we did completely different things. Just goes to show there is much to do on Antelope Island.

We headed on out to Antelope Island on a drizzly, cold January day. First stop, the Visitor Center.

Don't worry, Aiko made it there safely with her hiking sticks.

Apparently, this Visitor Center has been there for quite a few years. I've never been and for some reason thought that it was new (in the last few years or something.) Since it was raining, it was the perfect place to be.

We wandered around checking out all the displays, when suddenly my kids stopped dead in their tracks. Who would have thought a bird house would keep their attention for so long?

I do love a good gift shop. To keep from buying too much junk, I  buy a Christmas Ornament for our Christmas Tree. I call this my "Ugly Christmas Tree" because it's not the prettiest thing you'll see. But every time I pull out an ornament I can think back on all the memories! So of course, I couldn't resist this ornament made out of salt in the shape of Utah nor this patch for some reason. (I know, it's still junk.) Grandma ended up buying each kid a small animal made out of stone, because she's way nicer than me.

Remember this duck, it's very important in this adventure. 

I've been a mom now for a good 3.5 years so I'm glad to report that I now know that kids need waterproof shoes in all wet weather. Especially, when giant puddles are everywhere.

We decided it was time for lunch. Since it wasn't too terribly cold, we had a picnic at the same bowery we had one of our first Salt Project Adventures!

Actually, the kids loved it. I don't think they realized how they had one of the best views right before their eyes. But they thought it was cool nonetheless. We made sure to bundle everybody up.

Hence the reasons snow boots are needed at all times. Especially when it's snow, water and sand.

We had the entire shore to ourselves, not a single car drove by. We also checked out all the camping spots (also vacant) so we might have to plan a camping trip out there. White Rock Campground is the name.

We decided to take every road possible. Mainly, so we could find all of the buffalo. Be sure to ask at the Visitor Center if there have been any sightings and where.

Once we found the buffalo, the kids could not contain themselves. We sat for 15 minutes, just staring at them.

We stopped on the side of the road to let Monkey, Aiko and Orion watch the Buffalo. We also saw 4 coyotes run across the ridge line. In the cloudy weather it was pretty epic seeing each coyote run. We think it may have been a mom and her pups.

Make sure to drive up to Buffalo Point to check out the view!

The view from this peak was pretty amazing. But all I could think about was "Why I can't we drive all over the Island?" I'm going to have to plan a backpacking trip so I can truly explore everything.

Our last stop was the Fielding Garr Ranch.

While we were walking to the ranch, Aiko wanted to walk through the mud and puddles. I, being the mother I am, let her.

Then she fell down. In the cold, wet, muddy water. Good thing Grandma was nearby to save the day.

Aiko was pretty mad.

For some reason, my sister thought this was an opportune moment to capture her unhappiness with her selfie stick.

Finally, we made it to the ranch.

Since it was muddy and icy we quickly went through each building.

Last time we were here there were some Great Horned Owls nesting in the area. We checked to see if they were there, but couldn't see any.

I found the ranch to be quite efficient. The rooms weren't elaborate or big, but they sure made the room space count. I kind of like the simpler lifestyle.

Remember this hat.

Once we got back to the car, Aiko started asking about her stone duck and Orion had lost his hat. I couldn't remember the last time I saw the stone duck but Aiko remembered exactly where it was. "It's in the pudddlllle!" Sure enough, the duck was in the puddle just waiting for us to find him. Orion's hat was still in the Ranch, where he had been going up and down the single step. What would I do without kids?

So if you are feeling somewhat adventurous, be sure to add Antelope Island in the Winter to your Bucket list!

Because, you know you want this Utah patch.

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Elizabeth Valentine (not verified)

Sun, 02/07/2016 - 18:48

I'm eagerly waiting for your Dave Ramsey drawing but glad it led me to your site too! I've been meaning to check out antelope island and glad to see a preview and what to expect, especially with kids.

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