Alien Tower Hike - Adventurin'

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This trail has been on my bucketlist for so long! Last fall I finally checked it off, but then never got around to blogging about it, so here we are today! Finally sharing.

This is an awesome short family friendly hike. It's a moderate incline which makes it just a bit of a challenge and there is no shade, so go early or wait until the fall like we did. It took us about an hour and half there and back, then we explored a couple other trails systems in the area. They go for miles.

Alien Tower Hike is great for kids because it is so unique. I'll definitely be bringing my kids back!

So grateful for my good hiking buddy Holly. 


Hike Tips:


Length 2.5 mi

Elevation gain 538 ft

Route type Out & back

Pets allowed

Outhouse at trailhead

Small parking area

Trail starts at the outhouse, head up!

There are several other trails we explored while we were there since this one was such a short hike. We also did the Telegraph Trail which follows along the old Telegraph poles and is pretty cool. We also explored the tunnel under the bridge.

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