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Adventure Haus | Zermatt Resort

This was probably THE best way to sum up our Staycation at the Zermatt Resort. (Thanks to the Adventure Haus and Zermatt Resort for setting hosting us.) Who doesn’t want to take a Polaris Razor 4 (that holds four) and ride it around the Wasatch mountain range for 2 hours?!

We were given a 5-minute safety overview, instructions and a map and were off!

Right from the Zermatt Entrance! I didn't realize we were so close to a whole world of off roading trails, specifically created for 4 wheeling fun.

About 4 minutes into the ride, little Orion (18m) zonked right out for a good hour. I was worried the babies would be in the cold wind all morning, but our seats seemed to cover them quite well. In fact, Orion had a little bead of sweat on his nose.

We’ve never done any off-roading really, so this was completely new to us. We knew it would be cold, so we bundled up best we could. I always have a blanket in the car just in case. I look super awesome with my hat tied to my neck I know. (My husband is always asking why I bring so many hats, it’s because every situation requires a different hat.)

It was pure bliss.

Although it was a cold morning, we hardly felt it. Seeing all the colors and getting to the top of the mountain totally took our breath away.

That view was so dreamy.

Some of the paths were kind of scary for us newbies, so we didn’t go super fast all the time. But man, once I saw that puddle, all my dreams came true! I love me some good muddy splashing.  (I used to take my ’87 Land Cruiser out just to find good mud puddles.) We even had to go through it a couple times because little Aiko (3) was like “Fun mom!” It’s rare that I win with her lately, so anything to make her smile right? (I guess I only have video footage.)

It was super cool to go in and out of the river too, totally made us feel rad. We saw lots of hunter orange…they probably thought we were the weirdest tourists. We didn’t even have any guns to be seen.

My husband, he’s on the cleaner side…at one point there was an awesome mud puddle and what did he do? He...drove. Around. It.

The shame runs deep friends.

We were about 10 minutes from getting back to the Zermatt Resort when I realized we hadn’t been to Cascade Springs! I was told it was the highlight of the whole trip! I made my husband turn around.

Cascade Springs | Midway

I’m so glad I did, because it totally was a fall dreamboat land. The entrance alone had me wondering what beauties we wold find. Once we stepped down the short path we found bridges and boardwalks and fall leaves everywhere! There were so many little waterfalls and beautiful mossy areas; I really didn’t know where to look first.

We had been there maybe 5 minutes and on cue, Aiko said, “Hurry dad!” Which means potty! So he sprinted up the hill to go and find a bathroom. Little Man and I, we decided to stroll around the boardwalk and see what we could find.

Orion loved it. It was slightly nerve wrecking for me because Orion will just jump off edges without a care in the world. So every time he stepped close to the edge of the boardwalk I had to grab him little hand.

At one point, he started backing up (it’s one of his new tricks) so I didn’t think anything of it, until he starting putting that little rump lower to the edge! Luckily, he was just going for an adorable pose for a picture. Little stinker. He actually sat for like 5 seconds and wouldn’t look up at me and then all of a sudden he cheesed it real sweet for his mama.

I wished we could have walked all the paths, but we were behind on time as it was and I hadn’t seen my husband come back. So brother and I reluctantly made our way back to the trailhead.

Slowly, of course, because brother likes to walk all by himself now.

Sadly, Aiko made it to the restroom only to find the door locked…so it’s a good thing I came back when I did. With a soggy bottom we made our way back to the Zermatt.

Just south of The Zermatt are these amazing houses! Be sure to stop and gaze wistfully at them.

Reluctantly, we gave back our sweet ride. (For some reason I've been on a movie here's some of our video footage!)

We asked for a later check out so we could hurry and shower after our rad drive. It's a good thing too, we were pretty dusty.

Zermatt Resort | Midway

We took a slow walk, one last time through the halls of the Zermatt.

We stopped and rode the Carousel.

Then slowly made our way back to the car. Really, the Zermatt Resort is like a separate world.

Until next time Zermatt! Thanks for hosting The Salt Project!


Linds Thu, 10/29/2015 - 22:42

The Dairy Keen is a family favorite! We love their shakes and sitting on the outdoor "train" to eat!

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