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There are 3 hikes in Adams Canyon. The main one with the 40ft falls HERE. The one that no one knows about that is only 25 minutes with 20ft falls is HERE. And then there is the Adams Cabin Hike that is super hard and long but has a little cabin at the end. That's the one we are sharing today.

You take the Adams Canyon Trail, up the switch backs, then you will see a trail straight up the mountain on the left of the main trail. That's the one you take. It's easy to follow, takes you STRAIGHT up the mountain, but it is a hard trail, very rough, we recommend using a walking stick for sure, and good traction shoes. At about 6300 ft. you will enter thick scrub oak, then you will cross a small stream and the cabin is about 100 ft from there.

Straight up. I wasn't exaggerating.

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The snow got deeper and deeper until we could go no further.

We were wearing running shoes and sliding all over the place. The trail gets super steep at the end and we were not able to get up in the snow so we had to turn around. My friend went back up a couple weeks later and made it to the cabin!

Once you pass the creek, you have about 100 ft left to reach the cabin.

It was a perfect spring day when we went, but it ended up hailing on our way back down the mountain.

This cabin is on National Forest land and is available for public use. The cabin is popular during hunting season and gets occasional use during the summer months. 

Here's the cabin in the winter and the spring. I don't know if we would have even been able to see the cabin when we went. We still have about 100 ft to go and the entire mountain was covered with snow so it was camouflaged, plus, it was getting dark so it was hard to see. So we recommend going in the morning and wait until the snow melts, or after mothers day.

Helpful Tips
  • Distance – 2.6 miles to cabin
  • Approximate hiking time – 4-7 hrs
  • Elevation at trailhead – 4825ft
  • Elevation at highest point – 7650 ft.
  • Elevation gain – 2915ft+
  • Difficulty – hard
  • Trail – easy to follow but steep and rough 
  • Bathrooms – no
  • Seasons to hike – after mothers day
  • Pets allowed – yes
  • Take plenty of water, walking stick, good shoes, and food.

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