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My kids (10yrs-18m) love museums, they love Field Trippin', they love exploring. The Leonardo is one of their favorite museums and here are

9 reasons why they love it!

1. All Ages

Every time I go, I see parents engaged and playing/learning with their children. If you've been, you know what I'm talking about. The baby is always happy to run wild and explore, my elementary age kids are straight up in heaven! And my husband and I are right there with them exploring and having fun. (sorry, we don't have teenagers, but we are guessing they would be pretty happy with this place too)

2. Indestructible

This place was made for kids period. It's nice to not have to say "don't touch" "be quiet" "stay by my side". We usually go explore everything, then I sit back and let everyone go explore what they love most. Then I make the rounds and join in on the fun.

3. Educational

As a Home School Mamma, I'm always on the look out for educational Field Trips where the kids can learn and explore at have fun at the same time.

4. Location

We live in Davis county and we do an awful lot of Field Trippin' so I love that the location is central and close to Trader Joes, that's always a plus.

5. Subjects

This is not a subject specific museum, they cover it all. The day we went I counted every subject for school, with the exception of piano practice. We learned history, math, reading, writing, science, technology, and art! 

6. Exhibits

There is always a new exhibit to explore like The Mummies!

7. Baby Friendly

Some museums are amazing, but they are just not geared towards babies and little kids and that's totally ok. We get it. But we also love to share when we find a place this is baby and little friendly so our older kids can explore and have fun while the babies are entertained and having fun too!

8. Hands-on

This is a very hands on museum. Expect to build and sculpt and paint and screw and pile and fold and run wild!

9. So Much

I asked my kids why they love The Leo, they said because there is so much to do! There is something for everyone and there really are SO many things to do.



Helpful Tips

"Mummies of the World" Exhibit with Audio Tour and Admission to The Leonardo for Two or Four (Up to 32% Off) GROUPON DISCOUNT! HERE

  • Find FREE 2 hour parking along the streets 1 block away from the museum. I just found this out on this last trip. We play for 2 hours, go get lunch, then come back and play for 2 more hours. 
  • Ticket for The Mummies Exhibit includes admission for the entire museum at The Leo!
  • You can also use "THREEOFF" to get $3 off tickets.

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