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Now that it’s autumn I’m getting nervous about the snow. In February and March, as the mountains and all my favorite canyons were still covered in snow, I had a LONG LIST of all that I would do when the snow was gone and summer was finally here. My list mostly consisted of hikes I would take my boys on and places we would explore. And then summer came and we were too busy with splash pads, swimming, reunions, friends, parks, and living “summer-awesome-life”.

Now it’s getting cold and the days are getting SHORTER and I am grasping at whatever warm-ish days we have left until we are back in hibernation mode.

Earlier in the summer a friend mentioned a pump track that she had heard about where kids could take their balance bikes and ride up and down in the dirt. My boys love going down hills and getting dirty, so naturally this seemed ideal. I started asking around but no one had heard anything so I went to Facebook and sure enough, it was like the Red Sea had split in half and down the middle were my answers. Quite a few of my friends on Facebook KNEW what I was asking about.

So now I’m telling you, because I want you to also have fun SALVAGING any warm-ish days we have left until our bicycles are locked in the garage because the roads are covered in cold stuff.

This park is located on the corner of 700 West and 900 South in Salt Lake City, it is right under the freeway. From the road it  is very easy to overlook, a brief look and you just see mounds of dirt and a random pavilion. I drove around unsure of what this place was. It took me a while to figure out that the random dirt was actually a pump track and the pavilion had a working water fountain under it.

There is no formal parking, it’s just alongside the road of 900 South. There are also no bathrooms, unfortunately. Apparently, there has been a port-a-potty there before, but not the day we went.

There are tracks for kids with balance bikes who are not super brave to go down really steep hills. There are also some pretty crazy hills with ramps for those who are more daring than my 5 year old and 3-year old twins. It did take some type for my twins to figure out how to keep up the momentum so they could make it over the second hump but once they figured it out it was GOLDEN.

We even got lucky enough to see a TRAIN. It was like a moment of reverence for my boys. Everyone stopped, bikes were on the grounds, and they just stared in awe as a very long train came passing by. I could not break their stares. For those of you who have train-obsessed little munchkins, you know what I mean.

NOW GO! You won’t be sorry, it is super legit. I was super impressed because it was great for all skill sets. I want to give  Salt Lake County and whoever pushed for this to happen a great big hug because WHAT AN AWESOME USE OF SPACE! Seriously!

If you have little kids who LOVE riding on hills and dirt they will LOVE YOU. Plus, what a great way to burn energy and to throw them into bed!

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Madelyn Corey Thu, 10/12/2017 - 22:15

Hi! We went this evening, a Thursday evening and the guys who built it were there working on a pump track, specifically for little kids! They told us track etiquette, was no walking on jumps, dragging bikes up jumps, that was good info! When we got there, there was only a couple big dudes, doing awesome jumps off the wooden ramps! We stuck to the smaller hills for a bit until, it got really busy with big people. Then we bailed, but not before my son went off the big starting hill/block thing!!

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