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This week we've got some big, big things coming up! We've got a rad giveaway coming on Wednesday, plus something super exciting for Thursday! Hope you are following us on Instagram and our newsletter!

How many of you knew that there was a Seven Peaks Water Park in Salt Lake City? None of us did. We all knew about the Provo one, but one in Salt Lake City? Actually it used to be called Raging Waters, but in 2011, Seven Peaks bought it and gave the park a huge facelift.

We were all SUPER excited to go! Before we start, we'd like to just give you a few tips before going.

  1. Don't bring life jackets, they have them available to rent.
  2. Water Wings are not allowed for babies.
  3. Don't bring boxes of food. Eat before you go if possible. They allow ziploc baggies of individual portions for snacks, but otherwise, they have a pretty strict No Food Policy. No Glass, but you can bring water bottles.
  4. Be prepared to stand in lines for the waterslides. We waited maybe 15 minutes at the most.
  5. There is something for ALL Ages. Kids to Adults!
  6. Bring Sunscreen!
  7. We got rained out. Luckily, it was towards the end, but if they see lightning they will shut down the slides or the park itself. So check the weather before going.

Nothing like waterslides, pools and splash pads to bring back childhood memories. Or make new ones with our kids!
Seven Peaks in Salt Lake City has 15 different attractions. Each one has different rules and regulations so be sure to check them out below!

Tidal Beach

A giant wave pool that's fun for everyone! The day we went was cloudy on and off, but that didn't bother us. It was a perfect day. Not too hot and not too cold.

Dinosaur Bay

Fun for all ages really. Even the adults loved the slides.

A great pool with slides and dinosaurs for the toddlers to play on!

These three waterslides are more than four stories high and 300 feet long! No tube required!

Tropical Plunge

There were quite a few waterslides that allow lap riders. I even took Aiko (2) down a waterslide. I can't remember what it was called, but we discovered that most of the tube waterslides don't really have an age requirement. They just needed a life jacket.

A Turbulent ride full of surprises around every corner. I think this is the one we took the toddlers on. They loved it. Mostly. Aiko started freaking out when she saw the end and realized that her hair might get wet. Luckily, no one cried.

Monsoon Lagoon

An awesome 9-foot pool with a rope swing, with a few different slides for all ages to enjoy. Plus there was a Cliff to do some jumping right next door.

Lightning Falls 

A CRAZY 70-foot high tower that pushes you more than 30 mph down a 244 foot-long head-first slide to the bottom. I mean, this just gets your heart racing looking at it! Some people don't make it over the giant hill, like Corbin (age 9) but he still loved it. Located on the West Side by the Lazy River. Watch for our video footage coming soon!

Thunder Gorge

(Harmony's Favorite) You'll need a mat (located down at the bottom) this bad boy is terrifying! Just standing there 70 feet high staring below it almost as exciting as going down the slide. You'll definitely get some air between you and the slide. Located on the West Side by the Lazy River. Watch for our video footage coming soon!


Waterslide that twists and turns you. Oh, and you are 60 feet in the air.


Waterslide that drops and is high speeds!

Cliff Hanger

Short Waterslide that drops you five feet to the water below.

Stephanie and I went on this a few times. The drop at the end always surprised me no matter how many times I went.

Jungle Drift

60 degree waterslide that runs ya super fast. You'll need to grab a sled on the way up!


A nice relaxing area to warm up. (Toddlers are not permitted)

Amazon River

1,200 foot long lazy river. Great for all ages.

Technically, these types of floaties are not permitted, but we mainly were just posing for the picture.

They do have free rentals for life jackets. You'll just need to trade in your drivers license. We actually brought our own, not knowing beforehand.

We had ages 1-12 and there was something for everyone. Even the mamas. In fact, we really want to go back...without the kids, so we can ride all the rides too!

Until next time! Be sure to watch out for our video footage and a giveaway for later this week!

*This post is sponsored, but our opinions are 100% ours.

Seven Peaks Salt Lake will be closed on Sundays.
Helpful Tips


  • All Day Pass (48" and up): $24.99 + tax
  • All Day Pass (Under 48"): $19.99 + tax
  • After 4:00 pm (Ages 3-64): $15.99 + tax
  • After 6:00 pm (Ages 3-64): $9.99 + tax
  • Toddlers (Ages 2 and under) Effective January 1, 2013 : Free
  • Senior Citizens (Ages 65 and better): Free
  • Spectator (Ages 3-64): $7.99 + tax

General Rules

  • Shoes are not allowed on the slides, but can be worn around the park.
  • FOOD IS NOT ALLOWED INSIDE. That said, you can bring a ziploc bag of snacks for each child. They just don't want huge boxes of food. They do have picnic areas just outside the park.
  • Water bottles are allowed, no glass.
  • Seven Peaks reserves the right to close at any time, including for weather purposes. Seven Peaks does not offer refunds if this happens.
  • Seven Peaks Waterparks offer a service called “Tube Sitting” that allows patrons to “check in” their tube for a temporary amount of time while they are at the park. This discourages tube theft and allows patrons to enjoy attractions that don’t require tubes, without losing track of their tube. Please ask for the Tube Sitting time frame every time you check in your tube – time allowed for Tube Sitting may vary.
  • You can rend a locker and cabana here.
  • Seven Peaks does not allow alcohol products or the use of tobacco products of any kind in the park or parking lot. (hooray!)
  • Eyewear and footwear are not allowed on any slide attractions.  Guests can wear footwear and eyewear to the tops of the slides and then hold them in their hands as they ride the slides.
  • At least 12 years of age is the recommendation.
  • Yes, as long as they do not damage our property or block access routes such as the green turf around the wave pool.  Upright umbrellas are the only shade structures allowed on the green.


  • Tube Rental - Single ($1 refund upon return with wristband) : $6.00
  • Tube Rental - Double ($1 refund upon return with wristband) :$11.00
  • Tube Rental - Triple ($1 refund upon return with wristband) : $16.00
  • You can bring a Coast Guard approved lifejacket, baby floats with built in seats, and swimsuits with built in flotation. Arm floaties are allowed if they are accompanied with a lifejacket. Noodles, inner tubes, rafts, kickboards, or boogie boards are not allowed. Lifejackets can be rented from First Aid in exchange for a driver's license or Pass of All Passes.
  • Parking - Full Day: $7.00
    • They do have free parking, it's just further away.
  • Parking - Half Day (after 4:00 pm): $4.00
    • They do have free parking, it's just further away.
  • Life Jacket Rental (Deposit of Driver's License or Pass of All Passes Card Required) : Free
    • (I think I saw them take cell phones in exchange as well.)

Pass of All Passes (Annual Pass)

  • Pass of All Passes (Age 3-64)
  • (Includes the following discounts: 5% off food, 15% off in gift shop, 15% off cabana rental, 10% off group bookings $109.99
  • Children Pass of All Passes (Age 2 and under) Free
  • Limited Senior Pass of All Passes (Age 65 and better) Valid ONLY at Seven Peaks Waterparks and Fun Centers Free
  • Full Senior Pass of All Passes (Age 65 and better) $19.99
  • Tube Rental Add-On $20.00
  • Parking Pass Add-On $25.00
  • Buddy Pass Add-On $219.99
  • Transferrable Pass of All Passes

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