6 tips for saving time and $ on airport travel with The Parking Spot

We travel a lot, so when we fly we like to keep our trips budget friendly and save time and money where we can. We have teamed up with The Parking Spot, an airport parking service, to share how you can save both time and $ on your next flight out of SLC Airport.

1- Check out The Parking Spot. Reserving parking in the app before your trip will not only save you money (you get a discount when you prepay), but you'll also save time looking for a parking spot and hauling your luggage to the airport. You can save an additional 15% with CODE: SALTPROJECT during check out!

We scanned our app at the gate, The Parking Spot staff assigned us a parking spot number and before we had unloaded our bags from the trunk, there was a shuttle pulling up behind us to grab our bags and quickly drive us to the airport!

I was so impressed by the service and sheer speed of the experience. We saved money on parking by using The Parking Spot, and saved even more by pre paying in the app. 


2- Print your boarding pass online or at a kiosk before you enter security. And have your ID ready to be scanned.


3- I love traveling in Birks in the summer or slippers in the winter. Yes, slippers on a plane. Making sure your shoes are easy to slip on and off for the security check is a must. Also, I feel like planes are always cold, so a compact blanket or jacket is always a must for me.

I forgot to change into slipper for the plane ride home and was kicking myself as I had to juggle my bag and jacket while I untied my shoes. I'll never make that mistake again.

4- Pack snacks. Airport food will dig into your budget quick, so come prepared with an empty water bottle and some snacks for the flight.


5- Luggage options. Sometimes luggage with wheels is the best option, probably the best invention ever if you travel a lot, but don't discount a good duffle! We found these at a local shop in Orem. I knew they would be perfect because they turn into a backpack! And a secure backpack at that, because the zipper lays against your back when you put it on, so you don't have to worry about someone opening a zipper while on a packed metro. And speaking of metro, I didn't want to be pulling a typical carry on through the metro system and cobble streets, so the back pack duffle was perfect for the location we were headed.

6- Put your phone to work! We added The Parking Spot app, our Metro ticket, and flight info to our smart phones so we had all the info we needed at the tap of a finger. So much easier than keeping track of cards and tickets. Everything we needed was stored safely and securely on our devices. 

This post is sponsored, but The Salt Project's opinions are 100% our own.
Helpful Tips

Save time and money on your next trip with The Parking Spot! 

Save an additional 15% with code SALTPROJECT

Check out The Parking Spot at HERE.

 and download the app



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