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Stephanie here.

Today I'm sharing 4 amazing trails in Snow Canyon and 6 things you should know before you go!

Hidden Pinyon Trail

This was a great trail for the kids(9m-9yrs). We picked up a trail guide at the start of the trail. Along the way there were markers, 19 total. Each marker corresponded with a plant in our trail guide. The kids loved running along the trail in search of the next marker. Then we would stop and read about the plant. This was an awesome resource! We learned so much about the plants, what they are used for and how to spot them in nature. Things like Mormon Tea, Lichens, and the Utah Juniper (often mistaken for cedar trees).

Petrified Dunes Trail

This was the kids favorite trail. They loved hiking and exploring all over the petrified sand dunes. This is also a great look out point over the canyon. We took this trail back to the car then drove up to the Butterfly trail. 

Butterfly Trail and Lava Tubes

This trail was the hardest. We got lost several times and had to back track over and over again. There are signs all along the trail, but sometimes they are hard to spot. At the end of the Butterfly Trail there are 2 large Lava Tubes. The first lava tube was big and easy to hike into with the kids. They loved hiking through the dark lava cave to the back. We only had my phone for a flash light, but it was enough for our small group(me with baby on my back and 3 kids 7-9yrs). The cave is nearly impossible to spot from the trail. You can't see it until you are right on top of it and spot the dark lava rock. The dark rock opens up into a large crater like hole, from the edge of the hole you can see the cave opening.
The second lava tube was a few yards up the trail. Again, we didn't know it until we were standing on top of it. There was a small opening surrounded by black lava rock and was more of a vertical drop to get in. The sign next to it says that they recommend having at least 4 people in your group and everyone have a flash light. I didn't think 3 kids counted as 4 people and we only had one light, so we'll have to save this cave for next time.

Lava Flow Trail

We took this trail back to the main road. It was a fun trail covered in lava rock and very easy to follow because most of the trail was lined in rocks or the rocks were used as steps. This was the easiest hike of the day. When we made it back to the main road we had quite a long walk on the paved road to get back to the car, but it was all down hill thankfully.

Next time we will be packing a lunch and staying all day.

6 Thing to know before you go to Snow Canyon State Park

  1. Be sure to pack a flashlight or have a fully charged phone with a flashlight app to use to explore the lava tubes
  2. If you plan on hiking the 2nd lava tube you must have at least 4 people in your group
  3. Pack a lunch, we had to leave before we wanted to because we didn't plan ahead and bring food
  4. There is little to no shade on all the trails that we hiked. Be sure to pack sunscreen or wear a hat and glasses.
  5. Be sure to bring water, the desert gets hot and the trails can be long.
  6. Bring a sled! The sand dunes are at the front of the Canyon, you can't miss them!
Open 6am-10pm year round
Entrance Fee(s)
Day-use Fees: $6 per vehicle (up to eight people); $3 per vehicle (up to eight people) Utah seniors 62 and older; $4 pedestrian/cyclists (up to eight people); $2 per person commercial use or vehicles with nine or more people
Camping Fees: Non-hookup sites: $20 per night; Hookup Sites (W&E): $25 per night Extra vehicle fees (one extra vehicle per site permitted): $10 (non-hookups) or $13 (hookups)
Group Day Use: Lower Galoot Day Use Area: $60 (Reservation / Permit required)
Group Overnight Camping: Cottontail Group Campground: $3 per person + refundable cleaning deposit at park (25 people min – 35 max – 10 vehicles max) Quail Group Campground: $3 per person + refundable cleaning deposit at park (25 people min – 55 max – 20 v
Check the website for any updates.
Helpful Tips

Pets allowed in campground, onset canyon road, whiptail trail and paradise canyon.


(435) 628-2255

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