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Staring at the Wasatch Mountains and watching the mountain sides go from green to hues of red and orange I feel like the mountains are not just calling for me but SHOUTING at me to get up there. I have felt a real hunger for beautiful vistas of fall. I usually go up Big Cottonwood Canyon and up through Guardsman Pass because of the aspens. Sometimes the mountain looks like it is on fire with colors going from yellow to orange to red. Little Cottonwood Canyon is really pretty too and I have driven up through Logan Canyon as well. I also enjoy the drive up to Park City during this time of year. So many great places to see FALL.

However, I recently decided to branch out. It is hard to say what my favorite place is if I haven’t visited them all and I am also determined to see as much of fall as possible.

So, here are 3 hikes in Salt Lake plus a scenic drive (Utah County) that I tried out recently that I wanted to share with you because FALL IS INTOXICATING and I want you to benefit from all these colors before it is too late! You can find any of these places in Google Maps.

Ferguson Canyon

This is a small canyon, my husband has climbed up here a few times and recommended that I bring our kids to do some exploring. It really wasn’t too bad, we hiked about ¾ of a mile found a little open spot with some large rocks and a tree on the ground (conveniently) and had a snack and headed back down to the car. From the spot where we stopped you can continue up the canyon, but it gets pretty steep and may not be the best for short legs. The foliage in this area was BEAUTIFUL. Dogs are welcomed and parking is very limited. You can/will get a ticket if you don’t park in the right spot. So don’t park along the road if you can’t find a spot. In order to plan on getting a great spot to park I would discourage hitting this place up on the weekend.

Neff’s Canyon/Neff’s Canyon Loop

Neff’s Canyon, I believe it is about 13 miles round trip, but there is the loop hike that is 1.2 miles. If you start on the the trail that heads up, behind the sign for Neff’s Canyon,  then finding the loop part of the hike, where you are suppose to turn around and back to the parking lot can be tricky. Remember, you want to turn right. If you go left or you go straight and you see a pipe spurting water, you have gone too far. I would rate this hike as “difficult” for kids under the age of 3. If it were me, I wouldn’t think twice about the difficulty of this hike. but there are lots of rocky parts closer to the top and short legs and wobbly walkers may find this extremely discouraging. My 3 year old twins did okay, but they did struggle and whimper from time to time.

Willow Heights

A hike found up Big Cottonwood Canyon. This place has ASPENS and I love ASPENS in the fall, with their golden coin like leaves waving in the breeze. The views are GORGEOUS. Willow Heights is a 1.5 mile round trip hike to a lake. There are some steep parts and the trail in the beginning is pretty narrow, but it’s a good one for kids. I would rate this trail as a “moderate” one for my twins. This is a very popular weekend hike.  

Alpine Sceinic Loop-Highway 92

Up American Fork Canyon IS GORGEOUS! The views were absolutely intoxicating. There were so many different shades of FALL. Highway 92 runs from Alpine/Pleasant Grove to Provo. I have family in Provo, so this was definitely “the scenic” route one day headed from SLC to Provo. I couldn’t help myself and I had to stop and take pictures of the views. I went in the late afternoon and the way the sun was hitting the canyon was spectacular. It totally looked magical. I’m not even kidding when I say it filled my soul from my tips of my toes to the top of my head and down the strands of my hair. I almost got teary-eyed at one point, but then someone stepped on someone else and well… that moment was short-lived. #momlife

There are SO MANY great places to see foliage-- where are some of your favorite spots?


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