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Remember how in the Spring we talked about Monticello? Well, with Fall Break coming you should add this to your bucket list. Here's a complete itinerary for you! We promise you won't regret it. Unlike Western Southern Utah, this will be a cooler climate, so check the weather before.

Day 1

  1. Lunch/Breakfast from Peace Tree Juice Cafe
  2. Visit The Canyon Country Discovery Center & Grounds Salt Project's Visit here. (Book an outdoor adventure with them! Climbing Wall, exhibits, picnic, Gift Shop.)
  3. Drive by Church Rock (You can't miss it, it's right where 191 and 211 meet.)
  4. Drive to Newspaper Rock
  5. Family Friendly Hike (Take any of the dirt side roads nearby Newspaper Rock.)
  6. Drive the many side roads.
  7. Drive by the Monticello LDS Temple
  8. Hotel check In at Blue Mountain Horse Head Inn
  9. Dinner at Horse Head Grill​

Peace Tree Juice Cafe

Canyon Country Discovery Center

Canyon Country Discovery Center

Church Rock

Newspaper Rock

Family Friendly Hikes (Guided by Canyon Country Discovery Center)

Horse Head Grill

Day 2

  1. Wake up from Blue Mountain Horse Head Inn
  2. Breakfast at Peace Tree (Again, because Yum. Try the Coconut French Toast and an Autumn Rush Juice!)
  3. Visit The Frontier Museum
  4. Fishing at Lloyd's Lake
  5. Hike Butler Wash - Anasazi Ruins (1 mile hike on some slick rock.)
  6. Drive/Hike Natural Bridges National Monument (Utah's First National Monument)
  7. Drive Moki Dugway -Find the GeoCache! (We drove a Camry down this steep, windy hill, but be sure to know about weather conditions that may affect the road.)
  8. Quick Stop at Gooseneck State Park
  9. Drive through Valley of the Gods
  10. Drive by Mexican Hat Rock formation
  11. Watch Sunset at Monument Valley
  12. Dinner at the View.
  13. Drive back to Moab under all the stars.

Do you see the horse head?

Peace Tree Cafe

Monticello Frontier Museum

Butler Wash

Hike Natural Bridges National Monument

Drive Moki Dugway

Drive through Valley of the Gods

Visit Gooseneck Valley

Drive by Mexican Hat

Watch the sunset at Monument Valley. (Forest Gump ran here you know.)

Take the drive back through starry skies. (Starry Sky photo from Canyon Country Discovery Center. Because I can't take night photos.)

Day 3

  1. Wake up from Blue Mountain Horse Head Inn
  2. Monticello Easter Egg Hunt (Obviously a seasonal thing.)
  3. Quick Breakfast from Gas Station (because, small town on a holiday weekend)
  4. Canyonlands Needles District HERE & HERE
  5. Drive/Hike Mesa Verde National Park (Colorado)
  6. Cortez Sculpture Garden
  7. Star Gazing

Canyonlands Needles District

Canyonlands Needles District

Canyonlands Needles District

Canyonlands Needles District

Mesa Verde National Park | Colorado

Cortez Metal Sculpture Park

Star Gazing as far as the eye can see. (Photo from Canyon Country Discovery Center)

Day 4 Coming Home (to Northern Utah)

  1. Wilson Arch
  2. Hole n' 'the Rock
  3. Eat at Milt's Stay and Eat in Moab
  4. Drive through Arches National Park Moab
  5. Thompson Lightning McQueen & Scooby Doo Van
  6. Green River Stops | World's Largest Watermelon | Ratio : Weird Cement Sculpture

Wilson's Arch

Hole N' 'The Rock

Milt's Stay & Eat

Arches National Park

Little town of Thompson

So while the town of Monticello may not be much, it rivals Western Southern Utah and has MUCH to boast about. We'll be back for sure.


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