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Today we are sharing 3 things to do at Causey Reservoir. (The Salt Project loves Causey, see past posts here.) It may be a little cooler than when we actually went, but it's still the perfect place for a day on the water.

Causey is about 10 minutes east of Huntsville where Pineview Reservoir is. We love Causey because there are no motor boats allowed, so it's the perfect place for paddle boarding, cliff diving, and crawdad fishing! The views are so beautiful with trees and mountains surrounding you on all sides. The water is deep and cold, and it's so peaceful up there.

There isn't much of a beach, its pretty rocky and steep, especially because the water was low the first week of August when we went. And the water is ice cold, so go on a hot day!

We took Bokeh because he loved floating the Ogden River so much. I wanted to see if he would like paddle boarding. We have a winner! He also swam for the first time in his 5 years of life. He did great!

We rented boards from Green Adventure Sports. They include a board, a life jacket, and a paddle for only $25 for the day. Other rentals like kid kayaks start at only $10 a day. Such a bargain! These are the same boards we have taken to Lake Powell, and Pineview. The kids LOVE them!

They caught a nearly dead fish and put it in a little pool to live out it's final minutes.

There were people with cages full of crawdads, they said they were too small to take home to eat so he let us hold them before throwing them back in the water.

I can now say that I've held a crawdad! They are odd little lobster like crustaceans that swim backward and they can pinch so watch out!

As you approach Causey, you will pass over the dam and there will be places to park right at the end. Or you can continue on the road to the south side. We park at the edge of the dam and walk a few yards down to the water. from there you can go left or right. To the right there are cliffs (you can see in photo). That is where you can cliff dive. We recommend going in a group and wearing a life vest (Because you HAVE to wear a life vest at Causey, it's a rule and you can get ticketed.)

Until next time Causey!

Helpful Tips
  • Our favorite life jacket for kids
  • Bathrooms on South Side of Causey
  • Don't forget to read our past posts for tips.

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