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Can I be honest? I HATE grocery shopping. Add three little kids to the mix and it can be a total nightmare! This is why I totally appreciate Smith’s Marketplace. (This is not a paid promotion.) They go above and beyond to make the grocery shopping experience great for young kids, and their parents too!


From age 2 through preschool, kids can be dropped off for a free hour of babysitting in Playland. They have the sweetest lady there ready and willing to watch your kids while you shop. They have all the fun toys (my girls love the magic clip dolls and tea party set the most), coloring pages, and kid-friendly tv for your kids to watch.

They’ll get your info (name, phone number, driver’s license number, etc), make sure your kids don’t need to use the restroom before entering, put matching wrist bands on you and your kids, ask you to sign them in, and then take your kids while you shop. When you’re done shopping, they’ll ask you to sign them out. They’ll make sure your sign in signature and sign out signature match and then you’re good to go.

Can I just tell you how amazing it is to shop kid free! There’s no “Mommy, can we get fruit snacks?” “Mommy, I’m hungry” “Mommy, can we get a toy” “Mommy, I’m tired”. Shopping kid free is a dream and you should really try it sometime.


If you decide to keep your kids with you, it’s always nice to have something to distract them from the boring task of grocery shopping. I remember as a little kid we could stop by the bakery to get a free kid’s cookie. Although I loved it as a kid, as a mom I see how free treats for my kids is not helpful. They start off the trip with a sugar high that makes them too energized to stay by me and they end the trip with a sugar low that leaves them grumpy and unwilling to keep walking. It’s not ideal.

But Smith’s knows this! So instead of sugar treats for kids, they have the cutest little healthy snack table for kids. They can choose a banana, an apple or a clementine (although sometimes there has only been one these options available). They have a trash can for the peels right there next to the table and then little trash cans at the end of aisles throughout the store. It’s funny how a little trash can makes my heart flutter with joy.


I will not lie. I’m not a fan of the kid’s carts. You always have to worry about your kid’s running into other people or the items of the shelves. Kids are really bad at turning corners in these things. They fight over who gets to push it. And if they get sick of pushing it in the middle of the store, you’re left with your own large cart and their little tiny cart.

BUT, my kids love them. They love learning how to pick out vegetables, weighing them and putting them in the cart. They’re really great for helping kids learn about grocery shopping and involving them in the process.

So I guess I have a love/hate relationship with these carts these days.

As a mom to three little kids, we appreciate the little things companies do to make things easier for families with kids. Smith’s is doing such a great job!

Insert random comment, but Harmony also shops mainly at Smith's! She loves it for the snacks and the car-styled carts! Her kids go crazy over the firetruck one! What's your favorite place to do grocery shopping?

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Not all Smith's have these awesome things!


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