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Ok, the word is out! We have Read's Bonus Baby joining our crew this fall! After 4 kids we decided we were done. We gave away EVERYTHING baby related that we had acquired over the last decade. The crib, the highchair, stroller, clothes, you name it, its gone.

We are starting from square one. The good news is that I have 12 years of child rearing under my belt. I've tried A LOT of baby items. I know what works and what doesn't. I know what I can't live without and what is just a waist of space. 

We are so excited to share all of our


Copper Pearl Bandana Bibs

So far, 3 of my 4 babies have had extreme re-flux. This means we are using bibs straight out of the gate. And we go through them fast! Copper Pearl has bundles of bibs with the cutest patterns. Their bibs are not just cute and trendy but made of 100% cotton knit on the front and soft, absorbent polyester fleece on the back. With a one size fits all bib, we will be putting these to good use from day one!

Milkful Lactation Bars

Where my nursing mama's at? I have nursed all 4 of my kids and every experience has been different. I've nursed for 6 weeks to 10 months and everything in between. And each time without fail I have struggled with my milk supply at some point. When I found these lactation bars I knew I had to add them to the list and give them a try. Now, I'm not nursing (yet) but I did sample a bar and it was amazing! I would eat them nursing or not! Every mom is different, but most notice a boost after eating just 1-2 bars a day, for 1-2 days. Some see results after their first bar! I really wish I had had these with my other babies.

Oh So Vera

This sweet shop is full of the cutest clothes for babies and littles! Clicking the link above will make you baby hungry if you weren't already. This gown and cap is made from the softest knit and includes built in hand mits. Their shop also has "Hello my name is" stickers in every color! Perfect for their first introduction to the world. This is our welcome to the world outfit. The perfect gender neutral color for our surprise gender baby.

Sweet Ruby co Binky Blanket

All of my kids have these tiny minky blankets and let me tell you why I love them so much. Because they are tiny! If your child gets attached like all of mine have, you don't have to worry about them dragging their blanket through the house, stores, and parks. It's small enough that it doesn't drag, yet big enough to get their cuddle on. And the Binky attachment is an added bonus. No more searching the corners of the crib in the middle of the night to find the binky, or just straight up losing the binky (It's happened more than I care to admit with my other kids). Just a tip, order more than one, so you always have a back up when one is in the wash.

Jilly Jolley

These little rompers are so sweet for new babies. They would also make the perfect outfit for a Blessings or Christening. They are made of the softest fabric. We loved this one with the patches, but they have lots of different rompers to choose from.

Freshly Picked Moccs

These are THE BEST shoes we have found for little feet. Do you know how many shoes my babies/kids have lost over the last 12 years? I can't tell you how many times I've returned home from the store and my baby only had one shoe on. These Moccs stay put. Period. And they are comfy and cute too! The more kids I've had, the more practical I've gotten and these mocc's have made the cut with my last 2 babies. Too bad they weren't around or invented yet with my other kids.

Baby's Watch

Since we have 0 baby toys, I've had my eye out for some fun unique items. These baby watches are cute, chewable, washable, and fun! My 3 year old wanted to try it on when I opened it up. She loved it too! They have rattle and non-rattle options and dozens of the cutest designs to choose from.  A perfect teether/toy for the bonus baby.

And here is a tiny preview of more fun finds that we can't wait to share with you this week. We will be sharing our favorite picks all week! 

Be sure to stay tuned for our biggest giveaway of the year!



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sharaylah Fri, 09/08/2017 - 08:55

so much fun! congrats on your new little one! I'm excited to hear more of your favorites and maybe some things you didn't think were important? We're newly expecting again and I know I bought a lot of stuff for my first that we never used!

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