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Our MUST HAVE BABY ITEMS OF 2017 continue!

Check out our 1st list HERE.

Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Stroller

A stroller and baby monitor were high on our list of must haves. After 4 kids, and at least 8 strollers (no joke), I know what works and what doesn't. We were so excited to review the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight. I knew with having a new baby and a 3 year old that the sit and stand option of this stroller was exactly what I needed. It has great storage, it's light, it's very compact, and it's SO easy to collapse and open. Nothing worse than having to fight your stroller to open and close.

Here is a little video of our unboxing and setting up the Joovy as well as another amazing product, the Levan Willow Monitor.

Levana Willow Monitor

As you will find out in the video, our last monitor was pretty much a little black and white TV. It was plugged into the wall so I couldn't take it anywhere and the video was awful! We are LOVING the Levana Willow! It's small sleek design is perfect for carrying around the house and reaches up to 500 ft! It has an inter come, plays music, and you can move the camera around from the monitor. My 6 and 10 year old unboxed it and set it all up. I couldn't believe how easy it was!

Eco Piggy Binky and Amber Necklace

The Healing Hazel BalticAmber Necklace is known for its pain relieving properties when in contact with the skin. My 3 year old tried it on when it arrived and loved it! This is perfect for a teething baby and we can't wait to use it. They also have these amazing natural rubber pacifiers, or as I call them, binkies. They are free from harmful chemicals and the base is larger so it touches the babies nose like the breast to add extra comfort.

Halo SleepSack

Once your baby is finished with the swaddling stage you can say goodbye to blankets! They never stay put and they can be dangerous in the crib. The SleepSack is the perfect way to keep baby warm without worrying about a blanket. Plus is super soft and they come in dozens of patterns and colors.

Coco And Kiwi Diaper Bag

We LOVE Coco and Kiwi diaper bags! We reviewed one HERE a couple months ago. They just came out with a NEW and IMPROVED version this month and I'm loving the changes they made (read below to see). What I love most is that the bag stands up on its own (no searching a black hole for a diaper), and it easily converts from a hand bag, to a messenger bag, to a backpack! It also comes with attachments to hook on to a stroller with one simple click!

This new version has clips to make the transition from bag to backpack so simple!

The wet/dry bag is clear this time around so it's that much easier to remember if you have garbage or dirty clothes to clean when you get home.

Compact changing pad, easy to wipe clean.

And the wet/dry bag zips right inside the diaper bag so it never gets lost!

lulu & roo

Oh goodness, I've had my eye on this shop for SO long now! And with a bonus baby coming, I finally get a chance to squeeze and love on a baby in these darling clothes! We went with gray for a gender neutral option but they have every color and style you can think of. And their new 2017 collection for kids and babies is to die for! 

Tranquilo Mat

All 4 of my babies have needed white noise to sleep, who am I kidding, so do I! When I saw this mat on youtube I knew I had to try it! (I'll be sure to post a video when baby arrives). It mimics the mothers womb and the videos are incredible. The babies are crying and then go silents when they lay on the mat! It's portable so you can you it in a car seat or on the go too! And its battery operated so you don't have to worry about cords and wires.

Cozy's Blanket

I can not get over this blanket! It's definitely true to its name, supper cozy! The material is so incredibly soft and stretchy! I want one for me! It's double sided for extra warmth and it's huge! Perfect for swaddling or just the perfect light weight blanket to cuddle up with or lay out for baby to play on. They have lots of color and pattern options available. I thought this one was a good gender neutral for bonus baby #5!

And that's not all! Our list continues tomorrow! Be sure to check it out and stay tuned for our MUST HAVE BABY ITEMS OF 2017 GIVEAWAY!



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