13 Things to do in the Tiny Town of Fairview

Go fishing at all the different reservoirs.

We’ve been fishing at Huntington Reservoir, Electric Lake, Cleveland Reservoir, Miller’s Flat and Gooseberry Reservoir.

See where they found Mammoth Bones!

The actual bones aren't there anymore, but it's a fun site if you plan on fishing right next to the site. You can also see a replica of the bones at the Fairview Museum of History.

ATV all along the Skyline Trail.

There was a wildfire not too far away from us, but that didn't stop the men from driving all over the mountain. Try the Arapeen trail too.

Camp at Skyline Mountain Resort & Swim!

We had the whole side of the camp to ourselves but I think our favorite thing was the swimming pool!

Head to Mt. Pleasant for Tap-Z-Log Grill & Restaurant

We’ve been here twice, and it seriously, it SOOOO good. I loved the Bok Choy in garlic, while my husband had the honey chicken and teriyaki chicken. We tried the Raymun (yum), lumpias and basically everything on the board.

Go to the Drive-in Movie in Mount Pleasant.

We haven’t been to this, but everyone I’ve talked to said to get there about an hour early, since it fills up quick. Plus I’ve heard the burgers are awesome. Burger shop opens at 6pm.

Go to the Sunrise F Elk Ranch

Want to hand feed and elk and touch the super soft velvet on their antlers? Plan your trip to include this Ranch!

Head to the Cornerstone Station Deli & Co-Op

We’ve actually eaten here twice and we weren’t disappointed either times. They also make mixed soda pop

Get a shake at TC’s.

Shake was okay to me, but my husband said it tasted like butter.

Visit the Fairview Museum of History (It’s free.)

Eat Breakfast at Home Plate Diner

We all went for breakfast and it was all a Mom & Pop Diner should be. Big portions, delicious bacon and all good food.

Visit the Farmer’s Market at Lion’s Park.

While it’s super small, it’s fun to support the locals.

Head to Lion’s Park.

It’s huge and an easy place for the kids to get all their energy out.


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