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Yesterday, I found myself in Salt Lake City with two babies and I wasn't quite sure what to do. It wasn't really a planned adventure, so I didn't quite have my bearings. Plus, I knew naptime was approaching and had limited time.

So I quickly ran through a list of places...but realized I didn't really want to spend money. I also thought about Gilgal Gardens, but little man was already asleep before I could finish the thought.

One of our most popular Salt Lake City posts is 3 Amazing Murals in Salt Lake City.

So why not add some more murals in Salt Lake City!

You could go for a scavenger hunt for date night or take the kids to do some exploring. Perfect for this warm February week. I also found a trend that restaurants seemed to be next to the murals or flower shops or string instruments...I'm not really sure why. But you'll have plenty of food options if you get hungry along the way. Be sure to check out the map below for the Scavenger Hunt details. (Also, if you know any of the artists who painted, be sure to comment below so we can give credit.)

For all you rockers out here...this Mural was pretty bodacious (this is the word that comes to my mind.) Plus it's next to the Pie Hole of Pizza.

Pie Hole | South Side | 344 State Street

Located in a small street that has street parking.

Paradise Palm Inc | West Side | 307 Broadway

I used to wonder this store before babies and I worked downtown. Go there. They have the most amazing exotic flowers. Plus the air is definitely fresher. There is a car wash next to the building, so we just parked really quick there.

Violin Making School of America LLC | South Side | 304 East 200 South

I have driven past this place for years. I feel like The Salt Project needs to go on Field Trip, I mean, they make VIOLINS there. That's only stuff you see on TV. There is some street parking areas.

Intermountain Guitar & Banjo | East Side | 712 East 100 South

I actually have never been in this store...but I'm guessing it contains Guitar and Banjos. Located right next to a parking lot.

Wasatch Touring | West Side | 702 E 100 S

I've been dreaming of my Red Rocks. My whole soul wants to be there so badly. I was quite pleased when I came across this mural. So if you need to pick up some gear for outdoor adventures this is your store. There is parking just on the North side of the store.

The Green Pig Pub | West Side | 31 400 South

I know Coke is a big deal to many people, so of course, this mural made my list. I've also heard good things about The Green Pig Pub, never tried it yet. There is a small parking lot, but it's for a certain company, so don't linger if you park there.

Tin Angel Cafe | East Side | 365 400 South

Yet another restaurant that I've always wanted to try and haven't made it. Nonetheless, this mural is for al your skiers out there. It's located in a parking lot, so you can take a quick photo.

Especially For You Flowers | West Side |  221 400 South

I have a thang for flowers. Especially Exotic flowers. This one is actually inside a fenced area, so it's only open when the store is open.

MOOSE LOUNGE | East | 180 400 South

It's actually on the building east of it. I'm not a Jazz fan per se, and I know this is their old Logo, but hello! This is the UTAH Jazz. Luckily, there is a parking lot right next to it, so it's easily accessed.

Squatters Pub Brewery | West Side | 147 Broadway

3 for 1 Deal! Now, this mural is amazing. Honestly, it's really well painted. Aiko was super excited to stand next to "Jesus." It's really an informative place. It's right next to a parking lot, so you can stay a while or just drive up and take a quick few photos.

Details : It took me 1.5 hours driving around, but it's also because I was by myself with two babies and I had no idea where I was going. I just drove up and down the streets.

We've made it much easier for you.

Here's a map! Had I known ahead of time where everything was it was have been  fun to walk around and take the stroller. Take the kids on a scavenger hunt, do a little walking. Grab the bikes, it's going to be super warm again. It was 55 degrees the day I drove around in February!

Google Maps says it could take 1 Hour and 2 Minutes walking.

Driving 24 minutes.

#THESALTPROJECT we want to see your Adventures!


Barbara Wed, 02/17/2016 - 08:53

I haven't been for a while, but right around the corner from that Coke mural is a giant mural in Exchange place- and it changes every couple of years. Access it from State Street heading south or 400 S heading west by car or from 400 S or Main or State street by foot.

Amber Thu, 02/18/2016 - 07:47

There is lovely mural of flowers (now I can't remember if they are yellow daisies or sunflowers), on the building right behind ReStore. You see them when you go to the back (west) side of ReStore to drop off.

Tracey Sun, 02/21/2016 - 17:39

I belong to a photo group on facebook and street art was our theme this week! My daughter and I drove around and found many of them. I was disappointed though as we couldn't find the books. However, the we spent about a half an hour in the ally between the elk picture on the gun shop wall and the mural of the lady. There are so many paintings and various styles all over everywhere. I think it probably might not be for the little ones but definitely a great place to explore. We also at at Pie Hole! It was great. Thanks for the fun idea.

harm Wed, 02/24/2016 - 17:22

In reply to by Tracey

The book one is kind of hard to find. It's in an alleyway on the south side of 222 Main Building. But I'm glad you went! Love the feedback. We'd love to see your photos if you post them! #thesaltproject. If you have more murals and you'd like to add them to our post we'd love to have the pictures! e-mail if you want! I

Marinette W. Sun, 09/30/2018 - 16:09

I hope in the meantime you found the awesome 3-wall and 3D mural at 401 South 400 West painted by James Kirkland. There is a plaque there that tells the story.

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