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5 EPIC WINTER HIKES - Northern Utah

2021 was my year for winter hiking. The only part of hiking that I dislike is getting hot, specifically sweating. Hey, we all have our thing. I like to enjoy nature without getting too hot. And being a ginger, I overheat easily and its very hard to cool down so, due to these health reasons, you won't catch me hiking in the summer mid day. EVER. But, in the winter I found that I can hike when ever I want! And its not as cold as I thought it would be. In fact, I didn't even need a coat! Just

It's 2022, let the Dentist come to you - Dentacor

A few years ago I went to the dentist and they said I needed over 2k worth of work. I was shocked and decided to get a second opinion, and luckily I did because as it turned out, I didn't need any work done! I walked out of the dentist office with a clean bill of oral health and was on my way. I shared my story on social media and was shocked that SO MANY of YOU have had similar experiences. Sadly, dental fraud is real and so many of us fall victim to it each year. When you

The Bar Method - 2 WEEKS FREE

Ok ladies, I have to start off by saying that I have always admired people that do Barre workouts but always felt a bit intimidated by it. I'm not a ballerina, I'm not flexible, and I'm pretty average when it comes to physical activity abilities. So when The Bar Method reached out to invite me to a class I was both thrilled and a little scared. I recruited a couple of girl friends as one does when trying something new (always better to experience it with a friend) and we scheduled a time to leave the kids home with the

12 Things to Add to Your Fall Bucket List

Whether you need some fun ideas for fall break or you're looking for an epic idea to add to your Fall Bucket list, we've got you covered. These are some of the things our family LOVES! And some fun new things that are super unique and Salt Project approved. #1 Snow Basin One of our favorites is the Art Nord trail in Snow Basin. You can get to it from two directions. It runs along the river and the views are breathtaking. #2 Pumpkin Patch If you have kids, visiting a pumpkin patch is a must! We've been to almost

Secret Skate Park - OGDEN

I can't tell you how many times I've ridden this bike trail and not seen this skate park. Maybe it's because it's fenced off? Or maybe it was over grown with shrubs. But last week we rode by and there was an opening in the fence, so we decided to go explore. It had just rained and then started raining again while we were there so we didn't stay long but this place was awesome! It looks like an old retention pond turned skate park. Who ever made it put a lot of work into it. There are pipes and
Park-on-40th-Ogden steph Thu, 10/07/2021 - 21:04
We had some time to kill in Ogden last week so we stopped at this new play ground at a park that I used to frequent as a kid. My grandparents lived off 40th and Jefferson, so I would often venture down to the park with my cousins in the summer. So many fond memories. It was so fun to bring my kids and let them see the old park, and we all played on the new playground and had lunch. Just wanted to share. It's a good one and not very busy.
The Colosseum - Raid Zombie Lasertag - Layton steph Thu, 10/07/2021 - 21:00
We LOVE October here at The Salt Project! So many fun things to do this time of year. We were so excited to try something NEW last week. Instead of running from zombies in a corn maze or haunted house, The Colosseum gives you a laser gun to actually defend yourself from zombies the zombies! It's like they dropped you into the movie I Am Legend, or a real life game of Halo! It's a mix of that AND an escape room because you are on a mission and have to follow the clues to win. It is called a

Fort Buenaventura Park

I was interested about the history of the Fort, so I did a little research. "Located on an 84-acre river tract of land near the Weber River, the fort symbolizes a period of western history that was the transition from nomadic ways of the Indian tribes and trappers to the first permanent settlers in the Great Basin. Facilities at the fort include picnic areas, a canoeing pond, the replica fort including three cabins and restrooms". We have been a couple times before. Each year on Easter Weekend they hold a Mountain Man Redezvous. It was one of our kids favorite
Fly High’s Flyghtmares - Spooky trampoline park steph Thu, 10/07/2021 - 20:43
One of our family's favorite fall tradition is going to Flyghtmares at Fly High. It's a spooky spin on their favorite trampoline park. The ropes course is turned into a spook alley, the lights are low, fog rolls down the stairs, and there are pumpkins and goblins around every corner. It is definitely kid friendly, not too scary for littles, and you don't have to worry about anyone jumping out to scare you if thats not your thing. It is decorated to the MAX! Every turn has something fun for the kids to play on and explore. And we love

Pump track for kids - Riverdale BMX bike track

It's that time of year! The weather is cooling down so we are headed out on more mid day adventures! Hitting up the Riverdale pump track is one of our favorites. We usually have the place to ourselves mid day and the kids love chasing each other around the trails on their bikes. The other awesome part about this trail is that it is right next to the Ogden River Centennial Trail. This trail is paved and runs along the river for miles in either direction. It is partially shaded in parts. Heading south, there are bigger gaps in the

Things to do in - Island Park, ID

You know those places that are so special to your family, it just feels your heart is going to overflowing? Island park has become one of those places for us. I usually go alone, with all the kids, this year it was alone with most of the kids. We stay with my bestie in her family cabin. We roast s'moritos, ride the 4 wheeler, swing in the trees, ride bikes, sit by the river and just soak in the magic. This year we added kayaking to our list of fun. I'll share where we got on and off below. First

7 things to do with kids in LAVA HOT SPRINGS

We went to Lava for the first time earlier this year HERE. It was snowing and cold. We had no kids, and had a blast! But we knew we had to bring the kids back because we knew they would love it as much as we did. There is definitely more to do in the summer! Here is our list of kid friendly activities to add to your Lava Hot Springs Bucket list. #1 Soak in the natural hot springs Located along the Portneuf river, about 100 ft down river from the big falls. There is a bit of a

Camper re-haul with Beddy's

We teamed up with Beddy's to give our cute little camper Mildred a face lift! Lets start our with some before and afters shall we! Start scrolling... This was such a fun project. You can see how much we spent and what we did in THIS post. After the re-haul, I was done. I staged the camper with some stuff from the house and off we went to make memories in Mildred. Then one day, I was scrolling the Beddy's sale and saw the most darling perfect in every way pillow sets! I knew they would be the perfect addition


Oh, Spring City. We visited on a whim last year and fell in love! The people in this community were so loving and welcoming during the pandemic last year. Well, our kids COULD NOT wait to go back this year again. And... the people, you guys, I could cry. They were just the best. The town is quaint, the beautiful Spring Farm air bnb is so charming, we really could just live here. Of course we had to do some of the same stuff we did last year during our visit, but we also added a few new adventures this

Red Pine Lake - Little Cottonwood Canyon

This hike was a beautiful mistake. We planned to hike Gloria Falls which is an easy 2 mile RT hike to a beautiful waterfall. We missed the turn and ended up on the trail to Red Pine. A few hikers we passed said it was worth it so we continued on up the trail, we had no idea how far it was but they were right, it was worth it! It's about a 7 mile hike, we walked around the lake so that added an extra mile. I would say it's a moderate hike, fairly easy if you can handle

Gloria Falls - Little Cottonwood Canyon

Gloria Falls was a new addition to my summer bucketlist and last week seemed as good a time as any to check it off. It's only 2 miles round trip, but it has a steady climb, totally doable for littles if you take your time. There is one catch, after the third bridge, head left. There are no signs and the path isn't clear. But you will follow the river up about 5 minutes to reach the falls. We missed the turn and our 2 mile hike turned into an 8.5 mile hike up to Red Pine Lake instead. No

Tibble Fork with Rexchanger App

Y'all! We are so excited to share this beautiful mountain top reservoir today, AND the coolest app that made it possible. You can rent a home on airbnb, rent a RV on rvshare, and now... you can rent recreation gear on the hottest new app called Rexchanger. Here's the thing, we have a garage full of fun toys & gear, BUT we also have a mini van and 7 people in our family. That doesn't leave a lot of room for taking toys with us on adventures. We either have to plan to go with friends that have a truck

r.a.m.p. 2021 | Free Activities all summer

It's that time again! Weber County has a bunch of free Saturday Activities! The Salt Project has been to a few of these places, so be sure to check out our past posts in the links below. Boy Scouts of America Ropes Course Hours: 10:00am - 4:00pm 1200 E 5400 S - South Ogden (801)479-5460 Marshall White Center Hours: 10:00am - 3:00pm 222 - 28th Street - Ogden (801)629-8346 Roy Recreation Complex/Pool Hours: 11:00am - 7:00pm 2150 W 4700 S - Roy (801)774-1050 Dinosaur Park Hours: 4pm-8pm 1544 Park Blvd - Ogden (801)399-0840 North Ogden Pool (North Shore) Hours: 11:00am

City of Rocks - IDAHO - Roadtrippin'

Roadtrippin! With our little camper kitten Ginger. We adopted her a few weeks ago and took her camping the second day we got her so she is very used to sitting in the car and living in a camper. Day 1 We made a pit stop at the only gas station at the Sublet Idaho exit on our road trip to City Of Rocks. We stopped for bathrooms but loved the petting zoo, turns out they don't have bathrooms!? A gas station without bathrooms? Thanks for nothing Sublet gas station. (not salt project approved, even with those cute alpaca's, because