Utah Indoor Swimming Pools | Dollar Swim Days!

Utah Indoor Swimming Pools | Dollar Swim Days!

I know it's cold outside, but as I was thinking outside the box for things to do in Utah, I thought, why NOT swimming? Plus, many pools have winter discounts, like $1 entry discounts. Here's some of the pools I put together, if you know of others, leave a comment.

  1. **Surf 'n' Swim | Layton City (above)

  2. Roy Recreation Complex | Roy City

  3. Clearfield Aquatic Center | Clearfield

  4. Provo Recreation Center and Pool

  5. *Marv Jenson Swimming Pool | Salt Lake City

  6. Sand Hollow | St. George

  7. Veteran's Grove | Pleasant Grove

  8. Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center | Kearns (I'm not sure if this is open, I couldn't actually find it on the website, but it looks indoors?)

  9. **Richfield City Swimming Pool | Richfield

  10. Ogden High (Check your schools to see if they have an open pool.)

  11. **West Millard Swimming Pool | Delta

  12. Barley's Canine Recreation Center | Salt Lake City

  13. For your DOGS! My lab would love this!

  14. **Pratt Aquatic Center | Tooele City

  15. *Fairmont Aquatics Center | Salt Lake City

  16. *Cedar City Aquatic Center | Cedar City

*Discount Winter Days

**Dollar Night Deals!



There's an awesome indoor pool at the Murray Rec Center that doesn't cost too much to get in. They have a playground, lazy river, and a water slide that my 4yr old loves. Anyone know of any other indoor pools in the valley that have a playground? I vaguely remember hearing that there was one in South Jordan, but I can't remember for sure.

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