Tree of Life | Christmas Lights

Tree of Life | Christmas Lights

This truly is pretty spectacular. It's funny to think that one single tree can make such magical experience.

This willow tree is quite the statement and draws a good crowd on a constant basis.

This majestic tree has over 1,000 LED lights and just twinkles!

If you find yourself down in the Draper area, be sure to stop by for a quick second. The Tree of Life isn't the only lit up tree either, the rest of park is colorfully lit too.

You can drive by, or take the short two minute walk to the tree. I even saw a family sledding, but dress warm!


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Helpful Tips: 
  • Dress Warm
  • Park Bathrooms were closed
  • 2 minute walk from car, or you can see if from your car
  • You can sled!

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