Top 5 Pit Stops Along I-15

Top 5 Pit Stops Along I-15

This morning on Studio 5 we shared our top 5 pit stops along I-15 in Utah. If you are planning a road trip for spring break in the next few weeks, be sure to check out our favorite spots to get out, have a picnic and stretch our legs. Red Cliffs is part of a National Conservation area and charges a $5 entrance fee per vehicle, otherwise these are all fun, FREE places where you can make a quick stop to help break up a long drive.

Red Cliffs Hike

Meadow Hot Springs

Young Living Lavendar Farm

Salt Lake City Murals

High Adventure Park

If you have even more time on your trip, be sure to check out our complete list of 15 fun places located right off the freeway in Utah.



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