Salt City Pizza Company | Grubbin'

Salt City Pizza Company | Grubbin'

These guys have been on my radar for years! Salt City Pizza is locally owned since 2004. Frank the owner was there and made a few recommendations for us. Oh you guys! I just LOVE family owned businesses! You can just feel the love they put into what they do.

We got a large pizza, salad and breadsticks, drove down the street to the park and ate lunch in the snow! 

We had just gone on a fieldtrip to J&J (Check it out HERE) and we were so hot! It actually felt amazing outside and the snow was a nice touch with our steaming hot pizza.

Salt City Pizza is hidden just off Main Street in Layton, but it's right off I-15 exit, so if you are passing through be sure to stop and grab a pizza. Everything was fresh, and delicious. The kids all loved it, the adults loved it, the salad was huge! We give these guys 2 thumbs up!

They offer takeout and FREE delivery only, so this is the perfect dinner to take home or stop at the Layton Park just down the street like we did.

And be sure to tell Frank that The Salt Project says hi!


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