Pineview Reservoir

Pineview Reservoir

October, you've been incredibly warm this year.

Warm enough, we packed up the kids and headed up to Pineview Reservoir for one last swim in the autumn sun.

Empty beaches, water, a giant log and warm air, what more could the kids want?

The autumn colors seem out of place with the kids playing out in the water.

October, it's been real, real nice.

Aspen trees in the sand with a blue sky

This is a free beach at Pine View Reservoir, about 2 miles north of Huntsville and it is GORGEOUS.


Visitor Info

All developed sites are open from 8:00am - 10:00pm
Entrance Fee(s): 
Both FREE and paid areas are available. Paid access areas average around $13.


Just an FYI, cemetery point is a $16 fee. We didn't find the facilities exceptional (but the beach was lovely!) so next time we'll hit one of the free beaches that we passed as we drove to cemetery point.
Marci Preece
Just curious what beach this is then? Trying to find a free beach to take a large group and this one looks beautiful!
This beach is on the most east side. It used to be free, but it looks like they've made it a fee area.

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