Odettes for the Holidays | Good Company Theatre

Odettes for the Holidays | Good Company Theatre

The Salt Project was able to view The Odettes last Saturday night at Good Company Theaters' new space on Wall Street. We first saw it 3 years ago, when we were just starting The Salt Project. Seems like so long ago! This time I took my mom and Aunt for a little girl time.

The Odettes (Della, Dori, Reggie and Woody) were a popular 1960s singing group that returned to their hometown for a Holiday reunion. The first few minutes of the show were a little slow, but once all three of the Odettes starting singing "Oh, Holy Night" we were hooked. I loved their powerful voices. I also love the song "Jingle, Jangle" and sing it throughout the day. 

This holiday show shows us that it's important to forgive and remember those who truly love us. The scenes, accents, clothing and (all that) sass set the show perfectly. 

If you are looking for a fun, eclectic show for Christmas, be sure to stop in Ogden and see The Odettes!

We're excited for Good Company Theatre and congratulations on your 5th year!

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