List of Winter Businesses in Bear Lake

List of Winter Businesses in Bear Lake

Ever wonder what one does during the winter in Bear Lake? While, it's true, most of the favorite stuff to do is in the summer, winter in Bear Lake should not be forgotten.

There's something about hunkering down in a cabin, with a fire, gazing out the window at the frozen Bear Lake. Or maybe you are super adventurous and go snowmobiling, snowshoeing or even ice fishing.

Either way, let it me known, there is more to Bear Lake than just swimming and boating. Below is a list of the businesses that are ACTUALLY open in the winter. (I'm sure they are open in the warmer months too.) The Salt Project has BOLDED the companies we've worked with.

Be sure to check out the companies websites and call ahead, as some of their winter hours maybe limited.

Recreation & Rentals



Retail / Shops

Be sure #thesaltproject  on your winter adventures!


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