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Jeremiah's | Ogden | Grubbin' | Giveaway Closed

Just woke up?  Debating how to start you morning right?  You're ready to explore Ogden with the kids today? Well friends, you definitely want to check out Jeremiah's Restaurant in Ogden.  Jeremiah's is known for their big breakfasts (all day) and big portions.

We joined Mikaela and Scout from Indie Ogden last week to fill our bellies with delicious food.

When I say big, I mean big.

Their cinnamon rolls were large and in charge.  We've tried many a cinnamon rolls and there was something different about this roll. So good.

Don't even get me started on their Cinnerscone Dippers.  I thought they would be more bite sized, they were more like boulder-sized-delicious-nuggets-of-cinnamon.

My kids were dying over the strawberry and banana whole wheat pancakes.  Their tiny hands started pointing as soon as the food was set down.

Have I mentioned how large our pancakes were?!  The portions were large to say the least, but it was nice to be able to share and try a little bit of everything and have plenty to take home too.  Their breakfast food options range from your healthier oatmeal to your Jeremiah's Big Breakfast. Jeremiah's Big Breakfast includes two eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage and choice of pancakes, French toast or scones.  It's crazy good (as Stephanie will tell you.)

Little Rizden dug right into his chocolate chip pancake.

We honestly didn't even pose this.  Apparently, the scones were just too much for little Ellis and she could resist no longer. 

Jeremiah's has an awesome atmosphere. From their stain glass windows, chandeliers, buffalo heads to their log chairs, it's all very rustic feeling and goes along perfectly with their delicious food.

Salt Project Approved!

After you are done filling your soul with good food, head down to the Ogden Nature Center to go and volunteer to plant trees! We've also got a $25 Gift Card for you!  Check out how to enter below.  (You will be taken to a separate website.)

(This is a sponsored post, but our opinions are our own.)

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Helpful Tips: 

Check out their Menu.  They aren't just breakfast!

1307 West 1200 South
Ogden, UT 84404


The photo of you guys in front of the door with all the hooligans is so so cute
Good Job Photographer!
Branden Loock
If you are anywhere in Northern Utah, Jeremiah's is definitely a place to visit when you are hungry. Breakfast is MASSIVE! The "Big Breakfast" is just that, BIG! They have amazing hamburgers, club sandwich is awesome, I could go on and on! Don't worry if you walk in and there's a crowd, they seat pretty quick, and are always friendly! Jeremiahs is easily top one or two on our list for when we can't decide if we want breakfast, lunch or dinner... it's always all available!!
thanks for the great Ogden ideas!
I seriously can't believe I've never been here. It looks great. The nature center I have definitely been to. Love that place.
Hit em both up on the same day!
joy olsen
Jeremiah's is the best, all the kids look so in aww it's awesome to see their faces!
It's true.
joy olsen
I would love to take my kids, sad to say my boys have never been and my daughter has only been once!
Patti Phippen
Jeremiah's is sooo good!!!
I seriously love this place. I wish I went there more often.
One of our favorites!
Ashley Alder
I ate here once, long ago when I was first married (like 10 years ago!). I remember pancakes bigger than my face and so yummy!!!
Just today I was looking around for a place that served breakfast all day for my daughter. This is going on my list!
Michelle Carter
Jeremiah's is the best! I've never tried the Cinnerscone Dipper but it's calling my name so I think I need to head there soon!
Sandie W
I'm really wanting to try that scone!
Tiffiny Duke
My hubby took us here to eat a while ago! LOVED IT!!
Shawn Cherry
The foods are big on size I have had breakfast and lunch it was good but so far only three stars.
Those scones look amazing!!
Wow those scones! I am going to check this place out.
Kaleb Leishman
I love their breakfasts! the honey butter for the scones is very good, I remember they used to have a berry scone that came with a heap of berries and whipped cream...also very good.
Kirsten K
Reading this article made me crave some banana bread French toast!
Anna T
That looks like a breakfast feast! I'm craving it now!
Ashley Mills
I've never even heard of this place, thank you so much for the info. It looks delicious!
We live in Eden and I've never tried Jeremiah's. Definitely adding to my list for this week. Great site!
We'd love to hear any Eden suggestions! Food or even things to do. we'd love any tips! e-mail us if you get a chance to think of a list.
Always our favorite breakfast! Worth getting there for the early bird special.

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