Giveaway | Tracy Aviary | First Timer Visit

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Giveaway | Tracy Aviary | First Timer Visit

I took my younger two kids to the Tracy Aviary for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised by the deceptively large aviary found on the southwest corner of Liberty Park's 8-acres.  

First thing I noticed, accessible parking. There is a separate parking lot for the Tracy Aviary so you don't have to park along the narrow loop of Liberty Park. 

Once inside we went straight to the Utah Wetlands experience. This exhibit has been designed to replicate the birds and plants indigenous to the Great Salt Lake. The star attraction was not the birds nor plants, but the edible Utah Service Berries found inside. We spent about 5 minutes picking berries and eating them.

Along another path is a secret strawberry patch. They weren't ripe, but if they were I am sure we would have spent another minute there sampling the fresh fruit. 

We loved the bird show, but if it's a sunny day get there early! There are only two shaded spots in the outdoor bird show theater. The large birds swooping inches above our heads was a particularly thrilling experience for the kids.

After that we ran over to feed fish to Pelicans. For a minimal cost you will have a bowl of 4-6" long fish that you can throw into the gaping pelican mouths. If touching fish isn't really your thing, there is also the amazon adventure available. You can feed flocks of sun conures. We didn't feed the conures, but will definitely be back and this is at the top of our list. 

Another neat thing they offer are free (once inside the park) education experiences. One we were excited to try was the 'sense-stational stream exploration.'

Overall we had a really great time. The staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. There were handicap accessible restrooms (with changing tables) located near the entrance and the back side of the Aviary. I took a stroller and only encountered one set of steps, but could easily have back tracked and avoided them. There was plenty of shaded paths to escape the heat and multiple picnic tables to eat a lunch. We ran across a little water play space and sand pit for kids. Also, they allow food so pack a lunch and don't forget sunscreen and hats if it's a hot day!


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Tracy Aviary at Liberty Park
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We love the Tracy aviary! AND liberty park! Is this where I comment for the giveaway?
Perfect! Yes!
Carla Bancroft
Tracy Aviary is such a beautiful place!
Been wanting to check this place out since moving here. Thanks!
We love that Tracy aviary is in the middle of our favorite park! We love liberty park! We love to see birds. They're my sons favorite.
Nancy burns
Love this website so helpful and so many great tips for places in Utah!
I'd love to take my two boys!
I've lived in Utah my whole life and have never been to Tracy Aviary! Your picture make me want to round up my family and go! Thank you for the great post and pictures!
You really should! It's such a hidden gem.
Lisa Hansen
Fun place to play and explore....
I remember going to the Tracy Aviary as a kid and loving it. I haven't taken my own kids yet but would love to!
I've been wanting to check this place out. It looks so fun!
Claudia T
I took my kids to Tracy Aviary last year & we loved all of the interactive activities as well as the bird show!
We visited Tracy Aviary and did the stream exploration when we first moved to Utah a couple years ago. My kids still talk about it! They also love the bird show. It's quite a rush to have a bird fly that close overhead.
Thanks for all the great info. Looks so fun. #ilovepelicans
I grew up a few blocks from the Aviary but always see new things when I go. My sister's first job was at the Aviary back in the 90's and that the same sister was married there a few years ago. Needless to say we LOVE the Aviary in our family!
Married there? That's pretty awesome.
Katie Mitchell
We love Tracy Aviary. My kids are 7 & 2, and they both enjoy it every time we go!
Kimberly Pech
We Love Tracy Aviary!!! I grew up going there as a kid and even worked at the front desk when I was sixteen. My family loves the new adventures and different things we find every time we go. The other really Awesome reason we love it there is because our Blended Little Family became official. My Husband and I got married inside the Chase Mill inside Tracy Aviary, two years ago this April. So for our family to go there and visit is very special as we have such Wonderful Memories of that Amazing day.
Wow, so it's super special to you guys. Getting married there would be magical!
Jessica Sellers
My daughter is obsessed with birds right now. She even asked for a field guide about birds for our backyard. Winning the membership would make all her bird watching dreams come true. We love Tracy Aviary and it's central location!
Melanie C.
I loved the Tracy Aviary as a kid ❤ I haven't been in forever. I know they've done a lot of work to improve it I'd love to go check it out.
Samantha Pierson
My son has been really wanting to visit The Aviary, just from the outside it looks cool and well maintained. We would love to check it out.
One of my very favorite places in SLC!
I LOVE your website and all the FUN adventures you share! My family would love to go check out Tracy aviary!
Chelsea barton
So much fun! I love the aviary. It's my favorite place to take younger kids through the year
For as many times as I've been to liberty park, I've never been to the Tracy aviary! Thank you for this super informative post all about it- now I'm extra stoked to take my littles. Being able to pick fresh berries is an amazing perk as well!! @thewoodwardfam on IG
We live South of Tracy Aviary! This would be so fun and perfect for my family- We've never been and have always wanted to visit.
Awesome post! Did you guys visit the Owl Forest? That's my favorite part of the Aviary... it's really like you're stepping into a secluded little wood, and they have amazingly beautiful owl species. I love the barn owls and barred owls in particular. :) I volunteer with Hawkwatch too, so I handle owls and otger raptors regularly, but I never get tired of seeing them. I like to visit Tracy Aviary to take photos and practice life drawing, but I'm super poor so I usually only make it during the winter when they have the $1 admission days. :D
Can't wait to go!


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