Giveaway | Bountiful Round-Up

Giveaway | Bountiful Round-Up

Can you see Melinda and her kids on the side of the "B" in Bountiful? While we don't recommend hiking up there, as it was quite steep, rocky and not the safest thing we've done, we can now say we've done it and never have to do it again. (Longest sentence ever.)

We've hit quite a few different spots in Bountiful the last couple months. So we thought a Round-up was due, plus, a little giveaway at the end. 

Bountiful Lake

Perfect for some kayaking, canoeing, fishing and picnicking. Take your bikes and hit up the paved trails with the kids.

Beehive Bakery and Cafe

Local ran, lovely, and delicious. Perfect place to stop or pick up for a picnic. 

Holbrook Canyon Trail

We went earlier in the summer so there was tons of water coming down the river. Easy enough for our 11 kids to hike. 

Sip 'n Swirl

Taking frozen yogurt up a notch. Plus, some alternatives for kids with food allergies.

Fire Station Park

Foxboro North Regional Park and Splash Pad 

Alright, so technically it's North Salt Lake, but local gal Brittney from Bountiful said it was her favorite. 

Tolman Park

Brittney wrote up about one of her favorite secret parks in Bountiful. 


Harmony's favorite little dress shop on Main Street!

Bountiful City Park

One of the coolest parks around. Plus, recently updated!

Bountiful Chalk Festival (yearly)

Who doesn't love a good chalk drawing? Like REALLLY good drawings. 

South Davis Recreation Center (posting tomorrow.)

This place is huge! Melinda is writing all about it tomorrow! 


We're saying goodbye to Bountiful for now, or until tomorrow, but we want to do a giveaway anyway.  We will have 4 winners. So you can either enter to try and win all four, or just enter the ones that you want! 

  • 1 shirt for you and friend from Twirl in Bountiful. (Like this one. ) Seriously, one of Harmony's favorite thing to wear besides her dresses. ​ Plus mention The Salt Project and they will give you 20% off one item!
  • 1 Person will win a $20 Gift Card to Beehive Bakery 
  • 1 Person will win an outfit from SophiaMBoutique like the one Ellis is wearing here
  • Win a drink for you and a buddy Sip n' Swirl. (If you already commented in the previous post, you'll be included for the random drawing)

Leave a comment on the city you would like to see next then head on to the entry form below. 





Heidi Boardman
I love Bountiful. I would love to see some things to do with kids in the Sugarhouse area!!
Cathy Jeppsen
Heber City
Lindsay F
I want to hear more on centerville and Kaysville
Lisa Devey
American Fork area!
Jenn Garner
Can't wait to check out these places. Heber does sound like a good one.
Kaysville please!!
Coming to Utah in month definitely going to the dress shop. Go to Heber! I want to know if the Heber creeper is still fun
We've never been to that...We'll have to check it out! Let us know what you think! We'd love to hear about your adventures and if you use The Salt Project for ideas! #thesaltproject
Our family has enjoyed several of the places you listed but we will definitely need to check out the fire engine park!
Farmington please!
Kelly crouch

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