Finding the perfect Spring Dress

Finding the perfect Spring Dress

We wanted to share a few tips for finding the perfect spring dress today!

1- For some reason, Easter always sneaks up on me unlike the other holidays. Shopping "after" Easter and sizing up is the perfect solution. Catch the after season sale so there is no need to scramble to find a dress right before Easter next year.

2- Purchase something that can be worn all year, not just on Easter Sunday. We like to get a "spring" dress, something that our girls can wear for months.

3- When in doubt, always go with classic. You'll never regret investing in a classic piece that can be passed down.

4- Shop local. We always love to support local when possible and Utah has some pretty amazing kids clothing companies to support.

Our pick for the perfect Spring dress this year is the Fog Gingham pinafore from Wren & James new spring line. These dresses are all so lovely and we just love supporting Local businesses like Wren and James.


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