Fat Boy Ice Cream from Casper's

Fat Boy Ice Cream from Casper's

I remember eating Fat Boys during the hot Utah summers, but they were never whole ones.  You see, my family found out that you can buy "seconds" from Casper's Ice Cream.  Seconds, meaning, they didn't have a bottom cookie, or it was smashed in the package, or maybe there was no cookie.  Yeah, that's how we roll. 

Boy looking in Ice Cream window

While we (the adults) probably didn't think it was worth it to drive all the way to Richmond, the kids sure thought it was awesome.

They would smash their little noses against the glass and wave at the workers, who happily waved back. 

Little Girl Standing in Ice Cream Window

Of course, we couldn't leave Casper's without our own box of "Seconds."  


We also went by the Pepperidge Foods Factory, they didn't have a tour, but they did have samples and a WHOLE lot a cheese fishes in bulk for cheap. So if you are looking for a lovely, 30 minute drive, make sure to stop by Casper's and Pepperidge Foods!



Karl Devenport
I like the "way you roll". NOw just figuring out how to get 5 dozen seconds back to SLC......
It's called DRY ICE and a cooler

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