DIY Bird Feeder Kit - Gift Idea

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DIY Bird Feeder Kit - Gift Idea

I have such a hard time thinking of neighbor gifts, I loathe baking, so thats off the list. I like meaningful and thoughtful gifts, simple and useful. I'm picky I guess. But really, I just hate wasting stuff. I don't want to give something that will be thrown away. And in return, I don't like to receive things that I will just end up throwing away. It was also important to me that my kids were involved with the giving process as much as possible.

So 3 days before Christmas, because I'm a procrastinator like that, I thought it would be fun to make bird feeders with the bucket of pine cones that the kids collected this fall.

Everything we used, I already had laying around our house except the cranberries. I bought a huge bag at Costco for like $3.50.

Breckyn assembled the kraft boxes, you could use brown paper bags too!

I tried to conjure up my Grandma Ruby's poet skills but my mind was blank. I only had about an hour to make everything before the baby woke up, so I went with a Christmas Song and filled in my own words to Fa la la la la, la la la la. Hey it works. (you are more than welcome to copy the poem/song/words). I just typed them up and printed them off on plain white paper. Keepin' it simple as always. Then I cut them by hand because I was too lazy to go get the paper cutter.

Other supplied include twine or sting, tape, and scissors.

I also printed labels to tape on the bags.

Breckyn glued the labels,

Riz applied them to the boxes.

Locke filled the bags with popcorn and berries. I bought a box of 1000 of these wax bags years ago and we use them for everything from packing lunches to crafts. I think it was like $15-$20 for the box of 1000.

Breckyn crushed the cereal.

Then the kids measured twine for the cones to hang on.

We crushed old cereal and some grain and seed crackers for the "crunchy mix"

Then we used washi tape to apply the labels

Breckyn helped tie each cone with twine. We tied the middle of the twine to the top of the cone so there were two equal strings hanging.

"Crunchy Mix"

Pop "Corn and Berries"

We filled the boxes with tissue paper. Then places the cone with twine and the two bags inside.

Then it was time to see if this Bird Feeder Kit was as kid friendly as I had hoped it would be.

With a large needle, the kids strung the popcorn and berries very easily.

They all took a turn.

We left about 4 inches of twine at the ends to we could tie it to a branch.

After the stringing, we covered it in Peanut Butter and sprinkled the "crunchy mix" all over it.

So easy and fun for the kids to assemble and make their own! They loved it! 

We found a nice spot in the back yard for it to hang. I hope the birds enjoy it!


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