Dairy Keen | Grubbin'

Dairy Keen | Grubbin'

We only make in to Midway and Heber City a couple times a year and one of our stops is always Dairy Keen. This family owned Utah business has THE BEST burgers and shakes in the area. The place is always busy and the service is fast. We have never had to wait more than a few minutes for our food.


After you place your order you can go find a seat and they buzz you when your food is ready.

They also have one of those fancy drink machines so the possibilities are endless for drink mixes. And the kids love watching the train as it wraps around the ceiling every 60 seconds.

We tried the Egg Nog shake this time around. It was like liquid gold! The kids were fighting over it it was so amazing. It was seriously the best shake and I haven't stopped thinking of it since.

If you are ever in Heber City you MUST add Dairy Keen to your list of places to eat at. And be sure to tag #thesaltproject, we would love to see your photos and hear what you think.


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