Corner Station Deli & Co-op

Corner Station Deli & Co-op

Who knew such a tiny town could have such a delicious little stop? We've actually stopped here twice in the past month. (when we visited Spring City and then camping in Fairview.) Both times we were super happy with our food!

The decor in the store is pretty cute too. I loved the exterior, that's actually what made me stop. There's also a Co-Op store on the other side that has lots of fun trinkets and decorations for sale. I seriously considered an antique coffee table...

The second time we came, we had my mom and sister, so we were able to try a few other items. My sister said the grilled cheese was the best she's ever had and she's STILL talking about it. I had the polish dog with all the sides a girl could want!

I think this is the Avacado & Turkey sandwhich, yup, it was also super good. My husband and my mom and the Cuban, which I didn't get a chance to try, but they both loved it too!

Oh, I forgot that they also served mix soda pop drinks. I didn't get one, but my sister had a strawberry-root beer-cream thing and my husband got some kind of Dr. Pepper something. There were so many options!

We love supporting small and local, so next time you find yourself in Fairview, be sure to stop and get something yummy.


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