Coco and Kiwi | Friday Favorite

Coco and Kiwi | Friday Favorite

Well the cat is out of the bag! The Salt Project crew is growing again! We are excited to announce the addition of another crew member, bonus baby #5 for our family, due this fall! We were not planning on having more kids, so I have happily donated all of our baby gear as we finished each phase with #4. So we are starting over from scratch. The good news is that after 12 years of having babies, I know exactly what I like and what doesn't work so well.

I'm so excited to gather my favorite baby items this time around. Items that I wish I had had with my other babies.

Number one on my list is a diaper bag. I've had several, and they have all had their positives and negatives. I knew I wanted a backpack option this time around, nothing is worse than having your diaper bag slipping off your arm or pulling on your shoulders while trying to juggle and baby and holding a toddlers hand.

I've had my eye on the Coco and Kiwi bags for awhile now and I'm so excited to partner with them to review a bag for you guys! And word on the street is that we will be giving away $100 to their shop so keep an eye out.

We took the Stonewash Convertible Provence Bag for a test drive at the Scottish Festival a few weeks ago. I loved that backpack feature! But also loved that it was sturdy enough to set on the ground or table while I wasn't wearing it, and it didn't collapse into a black hole. It stood firmly so I could search the bag with ease. I could also grab the top handles and use it as a bag with easy access.

It fit my camera, water bottle, snacks, wallet, and still had plenty of room for "baby stuff", you know, for when I actually have to use it to carry diapers and stuff.

One of my favorite features that was a total bonus is the double luggage zipper. It was so easy to open at any angle with one hand. We are loving this bag already!

Check out all the features and styles over at Coco and Kiwi


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